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Connections between Russia and Eurovision

   Here you will find info on ESC singers, who are connected with Russia somehow, on Eurovision Songs sang in Russian Language, on Russian singers who represented other countries in ESC. But now

  Kirkorov & Sakis Rouvas recorded gay-anthem
Two eurovision singers, who represented Russia in 1995 and Greece in 2004,
recorded new song together in Russian and Greek languages. Its title is "Kak sumaschedshiy, ya" (I want you madly). As Philip sais, this song is to be gay
anthem 2005. Details & MP3 is [here]>>

   Group "Ich Troje" - Polish 2003 Representative - performed their song "Zadnych Granic" in 3 languages (polish, german and russian). Here is the couplet with Russian words:

Bezgranichnij mir bez flagov
S vysoty granitsy vovse ne vidny
Bezgranichnyj , neprivychnyj
Bez razdorov, vzryvov, zlosti i vojny

The world without flags has no limits,
And noone can even see borders from the sky,
Our new world is boundless and uncommon,
Without discords, explosions, malice and the war

In Eurovision "Ich Troje" placed 7th, getting NO votes from Russian jury.

Group "SPN-X" recorded Russian version 'Bravo Punk' of song which was sang in German National Final 2002.

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