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ESC.covers - Eurovision Cover Versions

   Here you will find info on cover versions of Russian ESC songs and covers of other Eurovision entries in Russian Language, and lyrics of these compositions as well.

Year Country Artist Song title Language Audio Details
1958 Italy Nikolai Baskov Volare Russian MP3 3.8 Mb [here]>>
1964 Italy Tamara Miansarova Day pomechtat' mne Russian MP3 2.9 Mb [here]>>
1966 Austria Emil Gorovets Merci Cherie Russian MP3 2.8 Mb [here]>>
1967 UK Emil Gorovets Ya ne kukla Russian MP3 2.3 Mb [here]>>
1975 The Netherlands A Sortie Din'-Don Russian MP3 2.4 Mb [here]>>
1977 Greece VIA «Sinyaya Ptitsa» Urok Solfedgio Russian MP3 2.8 Mb [here]>>
1991 Israel Philip Kirkorov Alen'kiy Tsvetochek Russian MP3 3.0 Mb [here]>>
1994 Germany Lada Dance Net, ya ne budu Russian MP3 3,9 Mb [here]>>
1999 Germany Philip Kirkorov Hallelujah Russian MP3 4.8 Mb [here]>>
2003 Spain Varvara Veter i zvezda Russian MP3 2.7 Mb [here]>>

   VIA is a russian abbreviation of Vokalno-Instrumentalniy Ansambl (Vocal-Instrumental Ensemble).

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