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Russian National Contest 2002
   In 2002 the rights to carry out National Contest and to broadcast the final of Eurovision in Russia belongs to ORT, valid member European Broadcasting Union.
   The National Contest was held from January 17 till February 26. Everybody who wished (famous or not) could take part in the competition. But only those songs could have been submitted which were not published in any form before the 1st of January 2002. One contestant who will represent Russia in ESC was chosen as a result of the National Contest. The winner was chosen by authoritative jury which consisted of the ORT'S chiefs and experts in the field of music and show - business.
   The national selection passed in 2 stages. At the first stage only 25 songs were selected from 11742 arrived in Musical Edition of ORT audio and CD records, and only that best 25 song have taken part in final voting. Here are the artists of those 25 songs:
      - Kristina Orbakaite
      - Vitas
      - "Premier-Ministr"
      - Rinat Ibragimov (song in tatar language)
      - Urij Zimakov (the taekvon-do instructor from St. Petersburg)
      - "Plazma"
      - Anna Churchin (Moscow, 16 years old)
      - Sergej Chelobanov and Ksenija
      - Aleksander Phediura (from city Liubertzi)
      - Sheriff (Moscow)
      - Anna Dzhak (Moscow, the stewardess)
      - "Opium" (Vladivostok)
      - Juliet M. (trance-sexual girl from St. Petersburg)
      - Nik (from Volgograd)
      - "Mark Tven"
      - Shura Sharman (Moscow)
      - "Neo-positive" (from Voronezh)
      - Inga Gaj (1st place in the contest "Zolotoj Grammophon")
      - "Biba"
      - "Sed'maja model'' (The 7th model) (from Omsk)
      - Arkadiy Ukupnik (not finished variant of song without words, vocal set is recorded by keyboard tools)
      - Diana Gurskaya
      - "Golij Pistolet" (A Naked pistol)
      - "Nogu Svelo" (group participated in 94 and 96 Russian Finals)
      - Lilia Zagorodniuk (Moscow)
   Here are people who were members of jury of the National Contest in Russia:
      Konstantin Ernst - general director of ORT
      Aleksander Phaiphman - general producer of ORT
      Marina Danielian - chief of the ORT's general director service
      Ilya Bachurin - director of the ORT's Musical Broadcasting Management
      Valdis Pel'sh - director of ORT's Entertaining and Children's Broadcasting Management
      Lev Leschenko - the National actor of Russia
      Oleg Gazmanov - the National actor of Russia
      Ilya Reznik - poet, the deserved figure of the Russian arts
      Igor' Matvienko - composer, produce
   The Press conference devoted to results of The Russian National Competition "Eurovision-2002" became the culmination of National Contest.
Press conference: members of Russia Jury answers question on Russian Internal Selection 2002    In was in Moscow, Monday, the 4th of March 4, 14:00. At the central office of "Interfax" (1st Tverskaja-Yamskaja str., 2 ) a Press conference conference devoted to the summarizing of National Competition "Eurovision-2002" results was held. Russia at the contest will be represented by group "Premier-Ministr" ("Prime minister") with a song "Northern girl". That was said by the member of the commission which have selected songs, ORT's general producer Aleksander Phaiphman. He has noted, that actually " the ending battle was held between this song and the Kristina Orbakaite's song ". A. Phaiphman has informed, that on national competition 11742 audio- and cd- recordings with soundtracks of songs have arrived. " 25 songs " were selected for the final voting, - has noted A. Phaiphman. According to the press release, among the finalists there were such famous Russian singers as Arkadij Ukupnik, Diana Gurskaja and also nobody known the instructor of taekvondo Urij Zimakov and others. Except for the representatives of ORT (including general director of the telechannel Konstantin Ernst), in the Russian Juri the national actors of Russia Lev Leschenko and Oleg Gazmanov, poet - musician Ilya Reznik, composer and producer Igor' Matvienko were. Also the director of a musical announcement of ORT I. Bachutin, director of the game programs of ORT V.Pel'sh, director of public communications of ORT I. Bourenkov took part in the press conference.
   From interview of the group "Premier-Ministr" for MTV Russia: "It's very big honour for us to go to Eurovision We'll do our best We just want to please all Russian people and to bring the FIRST result back home"

   In Eurovision "Premier-Minister" took 10th place (among 24) with 55 pts. Detailed info on group "Prime-Minister" and their song "Nother Girl" in the partition "Russia in Eurovision" -> 2001 (source:,

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