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Russian National Contest 2003
Logo of Channel One Russia    In 2003 Channel One Russia (previously known as ORT) was responsible for organization of National Selection and broadcasting of Eurovision. Here is an official information, which was given by Channel One Russia:
   The song should be recorded and sent to our Musical Department (of Channel One Russia) not later than 1th of March, 2003. Adress: 127000, Moscow, Akademika Koroleva str, Channel One Russia, Musical Department. The song should be not longer than 3 mins. And we would like to announce, that the Judges will estimate (appraise) only professionaly made recordings. The song could be perfir maximum by 6 artists, which were already 16 years old in 2002. All questions by phone +7-095-2179237 and e-mail
   Also on Channel One Russia new add-clip appeared. It advice you to take part in National selection. As usual, Channel "One" is the first in everything, and there is a big mistake in this 30 sec. Video: 24 countries 'r said to participant (instead of 26). Short video you may download here (650 kb) >>

First participant of Russian Selection of Eurovision Song is known. It's "Wonderful Light" by Kevin. Official site:

Exclusive interview was given to by first public known participant of Russian Selection 2003 - Kevin "Wonderful Light". The singer answered the most interesting Eurovision questions:

Q: After cancelling the rule of singin' only in Native Language (1999), many of countries start singin' in English. Only some participants go on singing in Native Language or use bilingual lyrics. What d'u think, does singin' in English increase the winning chance? Don't u think bilingual version is better: it shows the beauty of Native Language and make the song be easy to understand? In case of your winning in Russian selection, r'u gonna write and record Russian version of song?

A: As previous contests shows, singin' in Native language doesn't increase the chances of winning. But the song is estimated all over the Europe, and only "international" english-lang. hits have chances of placing well. And there's no bad things in this, it is the law of today's europe pop-scene. For example, all Swedes sing English, and there in Sweden people know the way of gettin' public loving. But no doubt, in case of winning here in Russia, there will be russian variant of song, and it is preparing now.

Q: In 2001 the winnin' of Estonia was explained by joining Euro Liga (Unity). In 2002 Latvia took a little bit more pts than Malta, because of good votes from neithbours. D'u think, is Eurovision so political contest as it is said and if it's very ordinary thing - the neithbour voting?

A: 2 my mind, there is no deal with politics. Every person has its own preferences , and not only in music , but in countries as well. It's clear, that many of russians like much more Ukraine that , for example, Iceland. And this thing is explaining that many votes 'r from Neithbours.. But, dispite that , i'm sure that good song could change every preferences and be loved by the whole Europe.

Q: "Wonderful Light" is melodic song, and also it has guite strong rythmic lines. Did you had any "ideals" while you were writening this song?

Q: In 99 also the obligatory orchestra rule was cancelled and it was allowed to use "-1" recocred version. Do you think, if it's useful to use orchestra again?

A: I think, there is no use. New time has come, and ultra-modern arrangements will sound in a silly manner in orchestra reproducing ( soungding ). Althouth everything depends on the song. For example, my song "Wanderful Light" is written in acoustic "key" and could be played by orchestra.

Q: Do you think that Open National Final should be in Russia?

A: Yes, it should, no doubt! In other countries National final is a huge event, which gives only good thing to song culture and to popular music in country. Also Final give a great chance to open new and young pop-artists. For other countries, National Final is event, which is a result of 1 year's preparation. And finally, the audience gets many wonderful songs. I still remember the last open Russian final in 1996, and hope, that in very-very future times National Final will come back in Russia.
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