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Russian National Contest 2005
Logo of Channel One Russia    In 2005 Channel One Russia (C1R) is responsible for National Selection of Russian Eurovision Entry. It's known, that open national contest will be. So words of C1R Musical Department chief Yuri Aksyuta turned out to be true (see web-conference with him in "National Contest" - > 2004).

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Russian finals & participants

Semifinal 1 | 4th February
Artist Song Title Votes Place Details
01 Group "KGB" Stop 9.1% 6 [here]
02 Roman Polonski The story of my life 4.8% 9 [here]
03 Batyrkhan Shukenov Tvoi Shagi 6.9% 7 [here]
04 Playgirls Don't get down 9.6% 5 [here]
05 Dima Bilan Not that simple 13.4% 3 [here]
06 Katya Bachurina Teryala tebya 5.7% 8 [here]
07 Jam & Terleeva No More War 20.1% 1 [here]
08 Group "Reflex" Lyublyu (I love) 11.0% 4 [here]
09 Roman Smirnov One Day 3.9% 10 [here]
10 Anastasia Stotskaya Shadows dance all around me 15.5% 2 [here]
Alsou performing Solo at Russian National Final 2005. Click to enlarge the image On 4th of February 2005 Alsou was a guest star at Russian National Final 2005 (1st semi).
Download video "Solo" (live Russian National Final, 2005) 2:53 AVI (4.9 Mb)

Semifinal 2 | 11th February
Artist Song Title Votes Place Details
01 Group "Zveri" Snegopad 13.2% 4 [here]
02 Oxana Mazhulis Rebel Angel 5.0% 6 [here]
03 Group "City" Gorod Lyubvi 0.7% 10 [here]
04 Group "A-Sortie" Keep on shining 12.0% 5 [here]
05 Lana Light Never-Never 2.2% 8 [here]
06 Varvara Letala da pela 20.4% 2 [here]
07 Group "Chai Vdvoem" Lusille is my name 14.4% 3 [here]
08 Anzhelika Rudnitskaya La la la 1.8% 9 [here]
09 "Be Good" (Gustov & Balakirev) Take Me Back To Rio 3.3% 7 [here]
10 Natalia Podolskaya Nobody hurt no one 27.2% 1 [here]
Larisa Dolina and the duet of Anzhelika Varum & Leonid Agutin were guests at this show

Semifinal 3 | 18th February
Artist Song Title Votes Place Details
01 Polina Griffits Justice of Love 6.4% 6 [here]
02 Panaiotov & Chumakov Balalaika 22.5% 2 [here]
03 Victoria Markova Ya zakroyu dver' 0.8% 9 [here]
04 Anita Tsoy La-la-ley 6.3% 7 [here]
05 Nikolai Demidov Differences 8.7% 4 [here]
06 Lada Dance Mixed up world 8.1% 5 [here]
07 Group "Sankt Peterburg" Matryoshki 1.8% 8 [here]
08 Slava I wanna be the one 9.7% 3 [here]
09 Irina Shott Identify Yourself 35.7% 1 [here]
XX Sergei Mazaev ? ? ? [here]
Sergei Mazaev didn't participated as couldn't fly from Italy in time
Mumiy Troll sings Obeschaniya (Lady Alpine Blue On 18th of February 2005 group "Mumiy Troll" was a guest star ar Russian National Final (semifinal #3).

Download audio "Obeschaniya" 3:52 (live Rus NF 2005): MP3 (3.5 Mb)
Download video "Obeschaniya" 3:52 (live rus NF 05): AVI (4.9 Mb)

Final | 25th February
Artist Song Title Votes Place Details
01 Panaiotov & Chumakov Balalaika 11.6% 5 [here]
02 Jam & Terleeva No More War 10.4% 6 [here]
03 Irina Shott Identify Yourself 8.6% 7 [here]
04 Group "Chai Vdvoem" Lusille is my name 5.2% 8 [here]
05 Varvara Letala da pela 12.6% 4 [here]
06 Slava I wanna be the one 2.9% 9 [here]
07 Dima Bilan Not that simple 15.0% 2 [here]
08 Anastasia Stotskaya Shadows dance all around me 13.5% 3 [here]
09 Natalia Podolskaya Nobody hurt no one 20.2% 1 [here]

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Press review. The calendar of events.
February 7, 2005 - Anastas!a in London on February 8-12
   Anastas!a will be in London from February 8-12 in order to produce the final version of the song for the Russian semifinal. Anastas!a who came second in the Russian semifinal impressed also the Greek media which today mention her and reproduce images from the Russian semifinal. Greeks seem to love Anastas!a and they would love to see Russia enter in Eurovision with her as performer. Anastas!a is how her name will be written in case she goes to Eurovision


January 31, 2005 - Established Russian producers share their opinion on National Selection
   Magazine "Otvet" asked famous russian producers to give their comments about this year Russian Selection.
   Evgeniy Orlov (producer of Via Slivki & others): Oh, that is great. The time is now. National Final should be honest, fair & with no intriques. I'm really glad that Russia can choose its representative by the same way as other european countries.
   Yuri Aizenshpis (producer of Dima Bilan): Channel 1 Russia took the right decision, So now all russians will be one big-big jury and everything will be public. Open final is good! And what about my singer, as a producer i'm sure that they can do well in selection, so we will submit some entries.
   Valeriy Belotserkovskiy (ex-producer of Alsou): National selection by televoting is not the best choice. Just because the decision should be made by professionals & only professionals! Tv viewers see only the exterior of singer, but can't realize all nuances. They don't know, what people in other countries like. For example, if we have in the final 5 very talented singers, but unknown ones, and 1 very famous artist with a lot of money behind. It is obvious that tv viewers will choose popular artist. It's ok for business in homeland, but here is another point of view. People in other countries don't know this popular artist, he will be unknown to them. So they select only by appraising his talents. So it was better when Russia had internal selection.
   Maxim Fadeev (producer of Julia Savicheva): I'm very happy, that Russia will have open national final now! And of course, I thought about which of my singers can do well in selection. But let's wait until C1R will announce the list of participants...
   Iosif Prigozhin (producer of Valeriya and others): I even don't know whan I can tell you. No doubt, C1R did a right step when allowed millions of russian viewers to choose their favourite. But now I don't see any reason to send my artists to this show.
   Evgene Fridlyand (producer of "Prime-Minister"): My singers plan to take part in this selection. Though I realize, that our chances to win are very low, just because C1R has a lot of its own singers, who participated in reality show "Fabrika Zvyozd" (Fame Factory). But anyway we already prepared one new song called Balalaika, which will be sung by specially formed male duo Alexandr Panayotov & Alexei Chumakoff (both are established singers). And if the winner will be chosen by televoting, it would be really great.

source: magazine Otvet' 6 2005 

January 28, 2005 - Anastasia Stotskaya to perform the song "Shadows"
   With a new look Anastasia Stotskaya is still in Athens, Greece promoting and preparing her eurovision entry for the Russian semifinal 2005. Today Anastasia participated in a photo shot of Elias Psinakis (the manager of Sakis Rouvas) as his nurse (since Elias Psinakis is making headlines for his face surgery he had recently). Anastasia became blond and with a sexy mini skirt impressed the Greek journalists. She also spoke in Greek saying to her Greek fans and supporters: "Sas agapo" (I love you).
   Philip Kirkorov is impressed with the Greek acceptance of Anastasia. He also said that Greeks and Russians are so close that he will do anything to make Russians to give 12 pts to Greece this year. Kirkorov said that Anastasia will participate with the song "Shadows" which will be recorded in Athens soon. Anastasia's song is composed by Dimitris Kontopoulos.
   While Stotskaya doing promovisit in Greece, Russian mass-media gives new information about Russian Selection every day. Today paper "Komsomolskaya pravda" informed the following thing. There will be 3 semifinals with 12 participants in each. So the total amount of russian pretenders is 36. And only 12 singers will have a chance to be in Grand Final. During every show there will be musical critics among the audience, who will be allowed to give their comments and to do their prognosis, but their opinions won't affect the voting.
   This newspaper named one more famous group to participate in the selection - its name "Smash!!". This maled duo also participated in Russian Selection last year.

sources: paper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" 28.01, 

January 27, 2005 - Hosts of Russian Finals & its format is known
   Channel 1 Russia informed, that participants of national finals would be not only established singers, but also totally unknown performers. That's because the song itself plays the main role and fame is not the 1st factor. C1R paid attention that each semifinal would feature 10 contestants. And Top 3 from each show will get a chance to compete in Grand Final on 25th of February.
   Allmost every russian viewer will be able to vote. The voting procedure will be the same as in The all-Russian weekly hit-parade "Zolotoy Grammophone" on C1R. This hit-parade also features 10 songs, and during every entry tv-viewer has a chance to vote for this song by sms or phone (voting for each song has limit of 3 mins, so the length of song may be more than 3 mins). After song ends, the result of voting in that region of Russian Federation is announced.
   As there is big time difference in various Russian Regions, "Zolotoy Grammophone" is broadcasted in Eastern region firstly, and then region by region it moves to West. And during the last broadcasting in western (european) region (evening in Moscow - morning of the next day in Vladivostok) votes from all regions are collected and summarized and all-Russian winner is announced.
   But in "Zolotoy Grammophone" video-clips on stage with studio recordings are shooted beforehand. That's why totally the same system can't be used during Russian Finals. And it's likely that for Eurovision Selection live broacasting will be only for eastern regions and in other parts of Russia viewers will see only prerecorded concert.
   Hosts of Russian Semifinals & Final will be - Andrej Malakhov (host of "Zolotoy Grammophone" and shows before & after Eurovision in 2002-2004) and Yana Churikova (host of all russian Fame Factories on C1R and lady, who presented Russian votes in Eurovision 2001-2004). Producer of Russian Selections will be Roman Butovskiy. And the director of all shows - Lina Arifulina (lady, who was director of all Fame Factories on C1R).

source: Channel 1 Russia 

January 26, 2005 - Channel 1 Russia reveals plans about Russian Selection
   This year Russian representative will be chosen not by jury, but by televoting. That's why the interest to the selection is getting higher each day.
   Next friday 4th of February 1st semifinal will be held. The current plans of C1R include three semifinals, scheduled for 4th, 11th and 18th February. The grand final is likely to take place on 25th February.
   Channel 1 Russia will continue receiving entries till 2nd of February. All records, which were already received, will be listened to & rated by professional jury on 28th January. Jury of the contest includes 1R Chief manager Konstantin Ernst, head of musical department Yuri Aksiuta, composers and producers Igor Matvienko, Vladimir Matetskiy, Maxim Fadeev, Victor Drobysh, journalist Artur Gasparyan and others.
   The Jury is to choose about 30 songs, but C1R noticed that there would be no limits of the number of entries. More than 30 contestants can be chosen. Everything is up to their quality.
   As usual Russia will try to sent famous artist, because this year there are also many established singers, who sent their entries. C1R already received songs from Anastasia Stotskaya, Dima Bilan, Polina Griffits (A-Studio vocalist), male duo "Chai Vdvoem" (participants of preselections 1997, 2000-2001), group "Reflex", Jam (singer from Russian Star Factory 1), Natalia Podolskaya, Varvara, Lada Dance, Marina Sudas, Anton Makarsky.
   Anastasia Stotskaya, who is well-known in Russia, gets her fame even in Greece now. This is based on the emotion brought out by the name of the composer of the song which is Dimitris Kontopoulos, one of the most beloved young composers in Greece. Anastasia arrived in the Athens International Airpot with her producer Philip Kirkorov (Russia 1995) where Sakis Rouvas welcomed them in an extremely humble action from his side.
   Head of musical department Yuri Aksiuta informed that after each semifinal viewers will select 3 acts by 10 minute televoting and SMS voting right after the main show. So 9 singers will be chosen to performe in Grand Final on 25th of February. Edmar + company, which is old partner of C1R will be responsible for the technical aspects of the voting. Songs will be performed live and will not be prerecorded. It's known, that artists will perform their Eurovision entries and no song changes are allowed.
   It's clear now that Philip Kirkorv & Sakis Rouvas will perform during 1st semifinal as guest stars. Also it is known that Eurovision winners Marie N and Ruslana have been invited as guest performers in russian selections.

sources: paper "Izvestija" 26.01.04,, 

January 22, 2005 - Kirkorov as a producer gives additional information about Anastasia Stotskaya
   During live musical show on C1R "Zolotoy Grammophone", which always features 2nd guest star, one great come back happened. Philip Kirkorov helped to host this Hit Parade. He said: "Anastasia Stotskaya will take part in Russian National Final 2005, which will be held in some days. C1R will start to organize series of eurovision related shows. Song for Anastiasia was presented to her by Sakis Rouvas. This song is a gift from Sakis to Anastasia. In the nearest future she will go Athens to record it. Also Philip said that during 1st final of Russian Selection he & Sakis will appear there as guest stars to perform their duo "Ya lublyu tebya kak sumashedshiy" (I love you madly)". Soon Kirkorov with Stotskaya will start music tour, which 1st concert will be in Minsk (Belarus capital) on 14th of February.
      Download: Kirkorov's Video from "Zolotoy Grammophone" (he talks about Eurovision 2005 & Anastasia Stotskaya, in Russian) Real Video (1.9 Mb).

sources: Channel 1 Russia Broadcasting 

January 21, 2005 - 1st participant of Russian Final 05 is known!
   Female singer Anastasia Stotskaya is the strongest favourite to represent Russia in Eurovision 05. Her song is likely to be the top favourite in the Russian selection. The song which Anastasia Stotskaya will perform is written and composed by the Greek composer Dimitris Kontopoulos - a guy with great success in Greece and a bright new star in the Greek music industry.
      Download: Video of Anastasia Stotskaya & Philip Kirkorov "I ti skazhesh" (song which participated in Russian Internal Selection 2004 see National Contest 2004) Real Video (6.0 Mb).


January 20, 2005 - Format of National Contest is not known yet, but persons, who wish to control it, already appeared!
   The exact way Russia will choose its representative for Eurovision 2005 is not known yet. Russian OGAE club reported earlier, that russian selection would feature 4 semifinals and 1 big final.
   But paper "Komsomolskaya pravda" presented one more version. It is informed, that National Final is likely to be in reality show style. All participants will be in front of cameras during weekly show & during rehearsals. The chief director of Russian Finals will be Lina Arifulina, who was the main person in C1R reality show 'Fabrika Zvyozd' (Fame Factory Analog) and the host will be Yana Churikova. She hosted 'Fabrika Zvyozd' and announced Russian votes at Eurovision 2003 and 2004. So Yana Churikova is very likely to host Russian Finals as the best host of live shows at Channel 1 Russia.
   While mass-media thinks about format of National Selection, russian politics also talk about Eurovision. One deputy from Russian State Duma offered that Goverment must control russian selection of Eurovision participant. Deputy says, that ESC is like Olympic Games and Russian singers at this contest have influence on image of Russia as a country. And State Duma should control National Final not to let low quality stars present such a big country at Eurovision.
   It is a bad idea. Goverment have a lot of problems, that are more serious for country. And it's better, if Channel 1 Russia could control National Final by itself. Otherwise, Belarus situation may happen, when the Ministry of Culture decides who will represent country in Eurovision.

sources: article from "Komsomolskaya pravda" 20.01.2005,, 

January 11, 2005 - Channel 1 Russia informs about Open National Final!
   New add-clip appeared on Channel One Russia. It advices all russians to take part in National selection. Here is the full text of this clip: "C1R holds National Contest "Eurovision - 2005". It is the first time when Russian ESC representative will be chosen during live broadcasting by all russians! Professional phonograms & videocassetes may be sent to: Moscow, Ak. Koroleva Str., 12, Channel 1 Russia, Eurovision. NB! Only studio recordings of songs never performed or released before October 1, 2004 will be participating in the selection. The leight of track is no more than 3 minutes. All questions by phone: (095) 217-9237". The motto of the first ever National Final held by C1R is "Win in your homeland, win at Eurovision!". The date of the Final was not announced.

Source: Channel 1 Russia broadcasting 

December 6, 2004 - Natalia Podolskaya - Candidate number 1!
   C1R has not informed about Russian Selection 2005 yet. But the name of the 1st russian candidate for ESC has appeared in russian press. Newspaper "Moskovski Komsomolets" (MK) reports that the chance to represent Russia in Eurovision 2005 is in hands of young singer Natalia Podolskaya.
   "MK" correspondent visited the shooting of The New-Year Show "Novie pesni o glavnom" ("New songs about the main things", C1R project). Becides celebrated & famous singers there were many artists from "Fabrika Zvezd" (russian analog of "Operacion Triunfo"). Julia Savicheva was a participant of "Fabrika Zvezd 2" 2 years ago. But now "Fabrika Zvezd 5" is running. The creative producer of it is Alla Pugacheva. She took young talent from "FK 5" to this shooting ... Among them - Natalia Podolskaya. She attracts everybody's attention, especially before Eurovision selection in Russia. She is rumoured to be the most possible candidate to represent Russia in ESC 05. Natasha, are you going to Eurovision? "MK" correspondent showed an interest. "Me? young singer got excited and drawled uncertainly: May be... You, you! everybody thought...
   Natalia Podolskaya is not a new person for Eurovision. She participated in Belarussian National Final last year. The result of this selection was a big-big scandal. After the national contest was shown, the following things happened. First results of televoting were given by company, which held this voting: Podolskaya scored 14.506 votes, and duo "Alexandra & Konstantin" - 2.260. But when Belarussian TV announced the results of the National Final, televoting information was changed: duo "Alexandra i Konstantin" got 1st place with 2.311 votes, and Natalia Podolskaya - only 2.213.
   Not everything was fair in that final, so let belarussian tv has pangs of conscience. Anyway entry by Natalia Podolskaya was at a high level of artistic excellence. She performed song "Lyubov' ne ostanovit'" (Unstoppable), which had been written by foreigners: Michael Jay (USA) and Raen Lobcher (UK). By the way, at first authors suggested Natalia Podolskaya, that she should have participated with "Unstoppable" in British Eurovision National Final. But Podolskaya turned out to be real patriotic girl...
   Now talented & professional singer Natalia Podolskay, who became successful enought in Belarussian show-biz, participates in Russian realiti-show "Fabrika Zvezd - 5" (Operacion Triunfo analog) on "Channel One Russia". And thanks to this strong PR campaign she is really popular in Russian now. And one more fact to mention is that creative producer of "Fabrika Zvezd -5" is Alla Pugacheva, who represented Russia in Eurovision 1997.
   Very soon on 17th of December Russian record company "Iceberg Music" will release 1st album by Natalia Podolskaya, which is titled "Pozdno" ("Too late") . This release is a unique precedent in russian show-biz: it is the first time when participant of reality show "Fabrika Zvezd" releases the album, while being inside of reality-show , in front of cameras.
   Thus, Natalia Podoskaya is a superb pretender to Eurovision. Just because she would be 1st russian artist in the latest contests to sing in tune...
   Now you may download song "Unstoppable" - live from Belarus final.
   Download MP3 "Lyubov ne ostanovit / Unstoppable" (live from Belarussian National Final 2004) MP3 (2,6 Mb). It's better to use download-manager, for example Reget (
   Download MP3 "Lyubov ne ostanovit / Unstoppable" (studio) MP3 (2,6 Mb).
   Download VIDEO "Lyubov ne ostanovit / Unstoppable" (from National Final 2004) Real Video (2,6 Mb).

Sources: article "Pugacheva dala "dobro" (paper "Moskosvkiy komsomolets" 06.12.2004),, 

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