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Pesnya dlya Evropi - Song for Europe
   Russian National Final 1994 was held on 12nd of March at telechannel RTR's studio in Moscow. The host was Vadim Dolgachev. For participation in Contest 11 songs were selected, but 2 of them were disqualified before the beginning of the final. Aliona Apina's song titled "Oi-oi-oi" wasn't admitted because few seconds of song were played on Radio. Vika Tziganova's song "Kogda ya vernus' v Rossiju" ("When i come back to Russia") was disqualified because Vika wanted to sing another song instead (what RTR couldn't allow) or Vika was accused of antisemitism (the right reason of disqualification is not known). These singers were represented as guests of the contest , and both songs were sang in interval to give time for voting.
   Jury consisted of 16 persons, 9 of which were professionals in musical sphere ("experts") and 7 not professionals (members from public).

Artist Song Title Title's translation Music Lyrics Votes Place Details
1 "Megapolis" Pushkin Pushkin Oleg Nesterov 0 =8 [here]
2 Youddiph Vechniy Strannik Eternal Wanderer Lev Zemlinski Piligrim 9 1 RUS 94
3 Andrej Misin Russkaya
Russian lyric
Andrej Misin Sergej Patrushev 4 3  
4 Tatjana Martzinkovskaya Raspiatie Crucifix Sergej Streletzkiy Alexandr Ispol'niy 1 =5 [here]
5 Sergei Penkin Vspomni Recall It Sergei Fedorov 1 =5  
6 "Nogu svelo" Sibirskaya Lubov' Siberian love M.Pokrovski, I.Lapuhin, A.Yaksmul'ski M.Pokrovski 7 2  
7 "Kvartal" Prileti ko mne Fly to me Artur Pilyavin 1 =5  
8 Alyssa Mon Va-Bank Stake everything Alyssa Mon 0 =8  
9 Elena Kiriy Devki pesni raspevayut Girls are (passing the time) singing Sergei Martienko 3 4  

disqualified participants:
# Aliona Apina Oi-oi-oi Oi-oi-oi Arkadij Ukupnik S. Osiashvili - -  
# Vika Tziganova Kogda ya vernus' v Rossiju When I come back to Russia ? ? - -  

   Youddiph won Russian National Final 1994. In Eurovision she took only 9th place (among 25) with 70 pts. Detailed info on Youddiph and her song "Vechniy Strannik" in the partition "Russia in Eurovision" -> 1994
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