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Russian National Contest 1997
   In 1997 telechannel «ORT» organized Internal Selection to choose a song for Eurovision.
   It was held by creative work-team "Programma A", which was also responsible for National Finals in 1994 & 1996. All entries were available to listen to on "Programma A" internet site as 30 secs clips. There were 53 entries sumbitted, but 2% of songs were disqualified because of their leigth (more than 3 mins). Most of participants were totally unknown for the audience and for musical professionals. The only famous participants were "Nogu svelo" ("Ногу свело", group which participated in Russian Finals 94 & 96), duo "Chai Vdvoem" ("Чай вдвоем"), Zhanna Dobrovolskaya (Жанна Добровольская, participated in National Final 96), Andrej Kosinski (Андрей Косинский, winner of National Final 96) & Alla Pugacheva, who could never fail to win.
   The authoritative jury (which features famous russian show man Artemiy Troitskiy) decided, that Russia would be represented by Alla Pugacheva with "Primadonna". It was announced that 2nd place went to boyz duet "Chai Vdvoem" with their song "Angel" (Ангел).
   In Eurovision Pugacheva took only 15th place (among 25) with 33 pts. Detailed info on Pugacheva and her song "Primadonna" in the section "Russia in Eurovision" -> 1997
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