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Russian National Contest 1998
   In 1998 telechannel ORT organized internal contest to choose a Russian Eurovision Entry. The winner was Tatiana Ovsienko with "Solnce Mojo", but this song failed to go to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, because Russia was not eligible to participate in Eurovision in 1998 as average arithmetic points during last 5 years were lower than other countries had. It's likely, that ORT management misunderstood the contest rules or hoped, that one of the planned participants would withdraw.
   In 1998 ORTV even left the list of passive viewers and didn't broadcast Eurovision at all. In 1999 the ORT management took the decision to take part in ESC again, but EBU didn't allow ORT to send its entry as in 1998 Russia wasn't even passive viewer of Eurovision. So in 1999 Russia only broadcasted the contest and we saw Russian entry just in 2000.
   And what is the most interesting fact: actually "Solnce Mojo" appeared on Tatjana Ovsienko's album in 1997. So anyway it could participate neither in 1998, nor in 1999.
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