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 'TATU' to fire Eurovision 4 Russia?!
In 2001 'Mumiy Troll' had an attempt to demonstrate Europe, that even in Russia extraordinary and unique music style exists, strange for Europeans style. It is simply RockoPops But now in 2003 no need to talk about Lagoutenko, who wasn't understood at all by many eurovision spectators. And what's the point in showing something strage, when one can win singin' that music, which is well-known and, what is more, is 'beloved' in Europe Countries?

   Ok, let's make a start right now: mega-popular Russian (and not only :) group 'TATU' entered with their new song in National Closed Selection of Eurovison entry, which is held by Channel One Russia. I guess, it's no use in telling you, that among 10000 of participants in Selection 'TATU's girls Yulya and Lena (as the most claimed Russian singers) have all chances to win National Contest. And what a huge chances I should say! They simply knock all rivals out. 'R You asking why? Everything is clear and obvious: 'TATU' has already won Europeans' hearts! Successful english singls, best-selling album, prizes from many music contests, and big scandals, - there is no interest without them. Girls speak English fluently, and song is in european-pop style. Popularity is the name of these things. To be breaf, ' TATU' is famous brand, which let them win in Russian selection and go to Eurovision in Riga. And what about song song will be only the complement of this super-group. Most likely, that this song is in the same style, melody easy to remember, English text, but surely some words in Russian. And it's only a waiting of official results left to do. Do you still have any doubts in Channel One Russia choice? Then you should go to the site of this group ( ) - there are everything for you to understand: 'TATU' - is a real chance to see in 2004 all European stars at Eurovision but this time in Moscow or in St. Petersburg.

Nikolai Galanoff - 16th of February, 2003 

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