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"F.L.Y." group. Click to enlarge the image  F.L.Y. against Marija Naumova
Martinsh Freimanis: We wanna demonstrate the world, that Latvian music is not only the cabaret"

   The winners of Latvian National Eurovision Final - trio 'F.L.Y' - have the 'hottest' lifetime now. Members of this ensemle - soloist singer Yana Kay, lider of pop-group 'Tumsa' Martinsh Freimanis and the idol of many yourg Latvian girls Lauris Reiniks - go on making their musical projects separately from 'F.L.Y' collegues, but already started their preparations to the Eurovision 2003 Final. Correspondent Alexandra Manukyan contacted with Martinsh Freimanis, who is also one of the 'Hello from Mars' authors, to ask him some questions:
- Martinsh, Colgratulations with good result in National Final Could you tell me about nowdays business of 'F.L.Y.' project?
- After pre-Eurovision contest all our affairs were to give interviews, to take part in various shows and etc. But also we discussed our future plans with Recording Company. This weekend there will be the ceremony of givin' musical prizes for 2002 in Latvia, and I, Lauris and Yana 'r also nominated separately from each other. So we have to prepaire for these show , too, to rehearse our performances. And only right after the ceremony we 'll be together again and start our Eurovison preparations. It's just right time to think, where and in what way our 'Hello From Mars' video clip will filmed. Most likely, that the filming of clip will be held abroad, not in Latvia. We have idea that it will be in Estonia!
- Was trio 'F.L.Y.' made specially for Eurovision?
- Yes, we decided to make such 'artificial' project from already popular in Latia musicians - that means, from 3 of us. You know, that it's not obligatory for Eurovision to present stable existing group. There is no secret, that non-succesfull Eurovision performance and bad votes could spoil for even the musician's career. That's why, it's rather risky to participate as and under real music name (title).
- But you know, that many of groups dream of singing at Eurovision under its title exactly for advertise the name of the group and make a brand which is known all over the Europe?
- The real thing are, that there is not much commerce in Eurovision Song Contest. I would compare it with Olimpic Games for Musicians.
- Hello From Mars - is this song a returning to a cosmic theme in music, which was popular last century?
- No, there is no connection with cosmic themes, with guestion like "is there a life on Mars" and with other attributes of 70-80s music. I've written a romantic song about love, and the sky plays the role of "feeling". For 2 lovers it's like the sky comes down to the earth, and this time they even can get "Hello From Mars".
- How d'u like estonian euro-song Eighties Coming Back?
- Oh, Claires Birthday! This is our favorite song. When we were in Estonia, we listened to all 10 finals song and at once started to cross our fingers for Claires Birthday. After the end of Estonian Final I was called and said that 'Claire's Birthday' had won. This was a very happy thing 2 me. They have a superb song, such a real rock-'n-roll without silly horeography.
- And will Hello From Mars have a horeography?
- No, of couse. By our performance we wanna demonstrate the world, that Latvian music is not only the cabaret. Right opposite the last year performance, we simply will come to the stage and sing our song. It seems to me, that the feature of Latvian Musicians in Eurovision is , that every year Latvian shows something in new stile, Brain Storm, Arnis Mednis, Marija Naumova they 'r all very different.
- But Marija's style turned out to be a big success and she won. Why don't you use the succesful style?
- You know, if any joke , even if it's very funny. is be repeated several times, it fails to be funny and become stupid.
- D'u like Marie N song I Wanna?
- Franckly speaking, I don't like. I don't understand at all, how she went to the contest with that song. Marija has songs much better. For example, estonian entry Runaway right after Eurovision became a hit in Latvia, and it is still very popular. And wher is now Naumova's song? Where? We don't listen it know. Masha should said thank to her scenic stage performance. Everybody knows, that striptease is always popular...
- Last year it was said , that the estonian 2002 entry wasn't important as the main thing for Estonia was to organise the contest. Don't u afraid, that 'Hello From Mars' will be in dark shadow after Latvian Eurovision Prerarations 2003?
- No, this year chosing of Euro-song in Latvia was very popular - National final was watched by 1 million of people.! And I think, that the 2003 song was chosed more thoroughly than previous ones. Latia now should do best to organise Contest. Of course, it's difficult to perform after Marija's Victory: you see, that we won't get something higher than 1st place. That's why we were chosen for participating in 2003. Because it would kill un-experienced artists.

Nikolai Galanoff, - 17th of March 

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