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Picture from a video-clip "Ya ne boleju toboy". Click to enlarge the image  DuSha plans to take part in Eurovision. Any chances?
Another one participants of National Final was found out - a song 'Ya ne Boleju Toboy' (I'm not ill with you = I don not love you in my ill head )…

   Group "DuSha" plans to take part in 48th Eurovision Contest, which will be held in Riga in 2003. It will be the 7th participation of Russia. Last year "Prime-Minister" sang "Nothern girl" at the show, in 2001 'Mumiy Troll" was 12th with 'Lady Alpine Blue', and in 2000 Alsou even was 2nd. Before these artists there was Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov and Masha Katz. And 'DuSha' was the 1st Russian ensemble but to send their song for National Selection to Channel One Russia. The soloist of group, young singer also-named as DuSha, sent to the contest engish version of "Ya ne boleju toboy", which is well-known after a scandal video clip. She is very patriotic girl and she tells everybody that if she wins in National Contest and becomes 7th pretender for Eurovision, no doubts she will show the best show and nobody will remember fails of our previous participants. 'I wanna also be succesful at Eurovision, as this song contest is a big problematic guestion to me, - singer 's sayng, - Every year I watch it and outlive with our russian artists. I hope I won't get my counry down , if i am be the winner of the National Contest'

MP3 of the song
'Ya ne boleju toboy', remix & video-clip
are on this page

Photos from
the video-clip

Я не болею тобой (Cyrillic alphabet)
(муз. А.А'Ким, сл. Дм.Мосс)


Температура ноль и не выше,
Ветер по коже, ветер по крыше,
Сердце растаяло, просится в руки,
Мне тебя мало, мало для скуки.
Мне тебя много, много для ночи,
Лечишь - не лечишь, видно не хочешь,
Кажется дура, без тебя просто,
Рано - не рано, лучше, чем поздно.


Я обрываю ниточки просто,
Все-таки рано, лучше чем поздно.
Я не болею тобой от февраля до Москвы,
Я не болею тобой, как сигаретами дым.
Я просто ветер опять,
Все просто смыло водой,
Я закрываю тебя, я не болею тобой.


Битые стекла не переклею,
Тобой больше я не болею,
Переболела, переписала,
без тебя много, с тобою мало.


Ya ne Boleju Toboy (translit)
(music by A.A.Kim, words by J. Moss)


Timpirattura nol' i ni vishi,
Veter pa kozhe, veter pa krishi,
Sertze rastajala, prositza v ruki,
Mnie tibia mala, mala dlya skiyki.
Mnie tibia mnoga, mnoga dlya nochi,
Lechish' - ni lechish', vidna ni hochish,
Kazhitza dyra, bis tibia prosta,
Rana - ni rana, liuchshe, chiem posdna


Ya abrivaju nitachki prosta,
Vsio-taki rana, liuchshe chem pozdna.
Ya ni baleju taboj at Fivralia da Maskvi,
Ya ni baleju taboj, kak sigaretami dim.
Ya prosta veter apyat',
Vsio prosta smila vadoj,
Ya zakrivaju tibia, ja ni baleju taboj.


Bitie stiokla ni pirikleju,
Taboj bol'shi ja ni baleju,
Piribalela, piripisalla,
bis tibia mnoga, s taboju mala.

Refrain (after,, 19th February 

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