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Sahlene. Click to enlarge the image  Sahlene: I don't wanna participate in Eurovision again
Swedish singer Sahlene represented Estonia last year, in 2003 she's a participant of Melodifestivalen. Do swedes forgive her 'betrayal'?

   Last year she was spoken about all over Estonia. Her name Sahlene became famous not only for ESC-fans but also for the least competent in politic people.
   How could swedish singer represent Estonia?! Friendship of Nations or strong non-patriotism? No right answer has been found till nowadays. This could be forgiven soon but in 2003 Estonian singers gonna participate in Swedish Final? Did they decide to avenge?
   During Estonian Final Eurolaul 2003 Sahlene was as a guest star, as an "elder" fellow, who is sofisticated in Eurovision. We decided not to loose our chance and to ask her some questions.
Sahlene, we we haven't seen you for ages. Tell us, what have you been doin' after Eurovision 2002?
The time was wonderful. I consider this year to be the best of my life.
So you think that Eurovision changed your life?
No doubt, I should admit it. After I won Eurolaul 2002, all Swedish MASS-Media was spoking about me. And when I got 3rd place at Eurovision, then the eurosong Runaway became super-hit in Sweden. I wanted exactly that all things! This summer I participated in some Estonian SongFestivals and in Sweden i started preparations for my new alum. Becides that, I sang in China, I performed Runaway in front of thousands or maybe millions of spectators!
Do Chinese people know something about Eurovision?
After my performance they know for sure! The other exotic tour was in Monaco. But this is Europe Becides that, I took part in many tele- and radioshows in Sweden. You know, that autumn and winter 'r silent seasons for artists - few concerts, but more studio working. In spring I gonna come to Estonia again with my concerts.
This year you'r battling for the chance of presenting Sweden at Eurovision. Is this a feeling of fault (guilty) for last year, when you sang at ESC under not homeland flag?
Not, of course, how could you think of that? I know , that the following words could sound not politically correctly at all, but I don't consider Eurovision Song Contest to be the battling of different countries. There is nothing national in this contest. Simply I had a chance to show myself to swedes last year. And now, when I became popular in Sweden (thanks 2 Runaway), but I need to have strong positions in show-biz and show my fave and my voice such many times as it's possible. I use every chances. That's why i take part in Melodifestivalen 2003 National Final in Sweden. Song Unbreakable, which is my song in the final, is very good, but I do not think that it could win. The reason is that swedes are very coservative towards to Eurovision. We have got no International judges as in Estonia, the Melodifestivalen winner is chosen by public. That's why I'm sure that I won't get 1st place, no winning place for me.
Aren't u afraid that swedes can't forgive your 'betrayal - performing for Estonia?
No, I don't think so. The fact is that Sweden will chose smth like old-fashioned song. But my entry this year is very-very pop-ish. The aim of my participating in Melodifestivalen 2003 is to make Unbreakable a radio hit in Sweden and in Estonia. I don't wanna participate in Eurovision again. This is too hard work, too much nerves.Well, I'm quite sure that won't win this year.
What d'u think of Estonian singers Maarja and Kerli, who 'r your rivals in Swedish Final?
It is so-o cool, I should say! I guess this is because of my last year participating for Estonia. But now situation is opposite: Estonians try to follow my way! Girls 'r young, I wish them success. I 've got patriotic feelings towards to Estonia now: when i'm in Sweden, I miss for Estonia. Very soon - in the beginning of March - my new eurosingle Unbreakable will be produced. Right after that I hope to got to Estonia to show my new work and to sing my new song. And in the spring and summer I will show my new concert with peasure, of course, in case of your inviting.

Nikolai Galanoff, Alexandra Manuikian , - 18th of February, 2003 

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