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 Russian Selection to be last for 2 additional weeks
Only on 20th of March Eurovision 2003 entry from Russia will be officially announced.
The reasons are

   This year Russia will be one of the last countries to announce the song and the artist for Eurovision Song Contest 2003. Only on 20th of March the conference to inform official results of Russian Selection will be held by management of Channel One Russia.
   As it was said earlier, world famous group Tatu also participates in Russian Final and has great chances to win it. But already now some wicked gossips speak about corruption of Channel One, stating that popular duet even 'haven't composed/recorded their song'. That's why new date for announcement of Russian preselection winner was set. But one shouldn't believe various inventions and guesses of those people, who could hardly have any connections with Musical Department of this TV-channel. Because every unrelieble information is refuted by official source. So newspaper 'St Petersburg TV-viewer' with reference to Elena Arkhipova (international relations manager of Channel One Russia) informed, that Musical Department of this TV-station received much more (than it was expected) submitions and audio materials for participation in preselection. That's why the jury needs additional time to listen to all songs and to chose the right winner. Only this was the reason to postpone the official announcement of Russian preselection results for 2 weeks.

Nikolai Galanoff , 8th of March, 2003 

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