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 Tatu will sing in Russian at Eurovision 2003
At ESC 2003 in Latvia group 'Tatu' will sing a song "Ne ver', ne bojsya, ne prosi!"
(Don't believe, don't be afraid, don't ask for anything!') in Russian language

   Group 'Tatu' officially announced that they will perform a song 'Ne ver', ne bojsya, ne prosi!" at Eurovision Song Contest 2003 in Latvia. Julia Volkova and Lena Katina will sing in Russian language despite other russian participants (Alsou, Mumiy-Troll & Prime-Minister), who prefered to sing in English. "We present no-pop-format entry with modern agressive sounding, and more then that: we will sing in Russian, - said Ivan Shapovalov, Tatu's producer. - This song is not similar to other winning stuff (!) of Eurovision. And it is a chance for Russia to resume the normal additude towards this contest, and the audience of ESC will be enlarged. But it's more important for 'Tatu' to do, what they like, and what is more interesting: to do that things, which other participants can't afford to do. And in any case 'live' broadcasting all over the Europe is very nice and new experience for us". Tatugirls also consider this contest to be a great show and they don't worry about very poppish style of this festival. "We don't know much about ESC, but we'll do our best and we wanna win Eurovision as we 're RUSSIANS in our hearts and souls, - Tatu said. - We want to explode all eurovision foundations and to show something which ESC-watchers haven't seen yet .
   The authors of russian entry are: Ivan Shapovalov, Mark Lazar and Valerij Polienko. The song will be one of the tracks of 2nd russian Tatu's album, which is recorded at studio now. Also 'Tatu' plans to film the video on this song in the nearest future. (after InterMedia News), 27th of March 2003 

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