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 To kiss or not to kiss?
Will European Broadcasting Union (EBU) allow t.A.T.u. to kiss at Eurovision 2003 in Latvia? Live show and millions of spectators

   At the moment lesbo-duo 't.A.T.u.' is the very high-quality export stuff from Russian Federation. Lena & Julia do on the scene, what they wanna do, and their bizarre behaviour is best-selled for the present. But didn't Tatugirls make a mistake, when they became participants of conservative songfestival 'Eurovision'? Will adult Europeans understand them? And will EBU allow t.A.T.u. to play love on the scene or will force'em to behave theirselves ?!
   Some questions got their answers already
   So on the 7th of April TRT (Turksh TV-station, EBU's member) was the 1st to show Preview Video Clips of all 26 participants of Eurovision: t.A.T.u's kissing scenes from the clip were replaced with other shots from the video. It's unknown untill now if video was midified by TRT editorship or this TV-channel received such orders from EBU. The Sun Paper reported, that Ivan Shapovalov, Tatu's producer, also got advices to change smutty words in the song 'Ne Ver', Ne Bojsya' and to ban any intimate behaviour during Eurovision Final Show otherwise the band to be disqualified. However, on the 10th of April Shapovalov refuted this information: "I wasn't reported officially about any restrictions, limitations or changing any words in the song. So I don't know, what is banned and who forbid doing that". So the next question was "In what ways is Tatu gonna Astonish Europe at the Eurovision in Latvia?" And Shapovalov reacted: 'The song is very original and interesting'. 'That's all?' - the interviewer re-asked. 'Time will show everything', - lesbo-duo's producer added.    After such meaning and mysterious answer one can safely presume - The Show Will Be! (after Muz-TV,,, 10th of April 2003 

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