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 Internal Selection again in Russia
Official information on Russian National Contest to chose our Eurovision Song 2004
   Channel One Russia (C1R) officially announced, that the way to select Russian Entry for Eurovision 2004 had been chosen finally.
   As usual C1R organizes internal selection. To take part in this competition one should send a song in studio recording on audiocassete or cd to the address: 127000, Moscow, Akademika Koroleva str, Channel One Russia, Eurovision 2004. The entry should meet the following requirements. The song should be not longer than 3 mins and be performed by maximum 6 artists. Also singers must be 16 years old in 2004. In National Contest everybody can take part, famous or not. But Channel One Russia emphasizes, that Russian selection is a chance for young and talented artists.
   At the first stage members of C1R musical department will chose a number of the best songs from all amount of arrived ones. And later authoritative jury will chose russian eurovision entry 2004. The jury will consist of experts in the music and show-business and also C1R chief, including Konstantin Ernst, general director of this channel.
   The 1st of February is considered to be the beggining of Russian Contest 2004 as that day the add-clip, which advices you to take part in National selection, appeared on C1R. The Musical Department will stop accepting songs in a month approximately. But the last date of receiving musical material and the date of announcing the results of Russian selection will be informed by C1R later.
   C1R also refuted rumours that in 2004 the channel offered 4 famous artists (Verka Serduchka, Anastasia Stotskaya, "Via Gra" and "Smash!!") to present their songs as Russian Eurovision Entry 2004. Group "Via Gra" said as well, that they got no suggestions from russian telechannel. So the rumour turned out to be smb's silly joke
   All official information on Russian Internal Selection by phone +7-095-2179237 or by e-mail: (the source is Channel One Russia), 1st of February 2004 

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