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 Duo "Smash!!" for Russia in 2004
Long time living rumour was confirmed to be the truth by official sources. Russian participants in ESC 2004 were chosen.
   Popular russian group "Smash!!" is likely to represent its country in Eurovision Song Contest in Turkey. On the 8th of February this rumour was confirmed to be the truth in very interesting way by official sources.
   Information was given in Sunday issue of reality-show on russian tv-channel "STS" "Tatu v Podnebesnoy" (Tatu is high in the heavens), in which Julia & Lena act and try to record their new album. And facts on russian participants 2004 were given in a very strange and unusual manner, similar to all Ivan Shapovalov's PR ideas
   Against the background of main heroes of this show the scrolling bar started. It was said that "This year Russian representative in Eurovision is group "Smash!!".
   Until now it's known nothing on any connections of reality show chiefs with musical department of "Channel One Russia". There is the only thing to say now, that Julia & Lena, who sang with boys from "Smash!!" in a teen group "Neposedy" long time ago, decided to support their old friends in such extraordinary way.
   And the best in this story is that Russian selection started only some days ago on 1st of February and hasn't finished until now. It seems, like last year the winner was chosen beforehand. In 2003 was 1st to write that "Tatu" was russian group for ESC some week before the end of Russian National Selection.
   Anyway, Duo "Smash!!" is a very good choice. This group has two members Vlad Topalov and Sergey Lazarev. Group became popular all over Russia after winning song contest "New Wave" in Jurmala in 2002. "Smash!!" has the same record company as TATU and Alsou - Universal Music Russia.
   Also info on "Smash!!" as russian participants for Eurovision 2004 could be confirmed undirecly by duo's plans on the nearest future. On the 8th of February boys flyed to London Studio, where they will record their new song. This potential hit will be 1st single from new album of 2004 and is likely to be Russian Eurovision Song 2004.
   Here is duo's official site: (the source is tv-channel "STS" and official site, 9th of February 2004 

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