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 "My Galileo" - the song of victory
Belarussian group 'Aleksandra & Konstantin" won National Final 1 month ago. Now they are answering our questions
   "Aleksandra & Konstantin" is the 1st group to represent Belarus in Eurovision Song Contest. In Istanbul duo will sing "My Galileo". We congratulated Aleksandra & Konstantin with winning in National Final and asked them some interesting questions:

   - Hello! Thanks for congratulations. We are happy to meet you and we will answer your qustions with great pleasure.

   - Aleksanda & Konstantin, how would you describe "My Galileo"? What are your associations with this song? What inspired you to compose it?

   - Making arrangements for "My Galileo" we followed the rules given by BTRC (Belarus TV) - song should be no longer than 3 mins and should have 1 or more couplet and refrain in english; also entry should be composed in euro pop style, but with folk elements. In recording of this songs such instruments as guitars, double bass, violins and okarina were used (okarina is a whistle made of clay and it's common folk instrument in Belarus). Aleskandra by herself played the okarina. Besides that, throaty singing, which is traditional for Belarus and other Slavic countries, is used in "My Galileo". This compostion associates with the SONG OF VICTORY. It gives joy feelings and sensation of a flight.

   - Will you sing in english or in belarussian in Eurovision? Do you plan to pay special attention to stage performance: using additional effects or "wild dances", musicians with national folk instruments on scene?

   - The entry will be sung in English at Eurovision 2004. We have several ideas for interesting stage performance but we would like to keep it secret till ESC.

   - Do you plan to record "My Galileo" in other languages or record the instrumental version?

   - No, we are not going to record this song neither in Belarussian not in other languages. But we think now about recording instrumental version. It's good idea

   - When is single "My Galileo" planned to be released and what record company will do it?

   - This is a business of BTRC productional agency. This song should be released on cd-single soon, but we don't know, when it will be and what other tracks will be.

   - Music for "My Galileo" was composed in 2000 and that time you recorded 1st variant of it. But it's not clear, if it was recorded as instrumental without lyrics, because we know, that english words were written only in 2003

   - Draft version of this song was a melody with no words, it featured main harmony and music structure. In such way it was kept till autumn 2003. When we knew rules of participation in National Contest, english words were written.

   - Could you give us info on promo-company?

   - This is a job of BTRC and you may ask them for details. But we know, that we're going to visit Russia, The Ukraine, Baltic Countries. 2 video clips will be filmed. One is common and will be used for rotation on TV stations, and second video will be "preview" for EBU.

   - What's your expectations from Eurovision song contest?

   - As it's the 1st time when Belarus takes part in ESC, it's very important to leave good impression about our country and about us as a group.

   - Aleksandra and Konstantin, do you think, that Eurovision will influence your career?

   - Yes, no doubt. Even after winning in National Final our rating increased. We gave a lot of interviews. And we think, that it's only the beginning. We were offered now to perform in several european countries.

   - What do you plan to do after eurovision? Are you going to record new album?

   - Yes, music material for our 3rd album is ready now. We still will work in folk-modern and world music styles, but arrangements are likely to be more simple, so audience will understand our compositions easily.

   - What's your attitude towards Eurovision? Do you think that it's old fashioned contest? Can this event unite Europe?

   -We like this contest and watch it regularly since 1997. We think, that Eurovision is modern and very popular event and it could unite european countries if only for one night.

   - What's your opinion on using music phonogramms and no live orchestra sound?

   - We'd like to sing with orchestra with great pleasure, but we undestand that pre-recorded music track is better to use in contests with such a big number of participants.

   - Do you know any Eurovision 2004 singers from other countries?

   - We are familiar personally with Ukranian and Lithuanian singers but haven't heard their songs yet. ( comments: lithuaninan singer Linas together with "A & K" participated in festival "Slavyanski bazar in Vitebsk - 2002", Belarus)

   - You have a song in original folk style. Do you think, that you have any advantages in Eurovision and "My Galileo" will be in Big Final?

   - We hope so, and despite our entry is in pop style, we think, that "My Galileo" is original and will differ from other songs.

   - And the last question. Have you ever had tours in Russia?

   - Yes, we performed in Moscow, in concert hall "Rossija" in september 2003. The reception was on the level with the highest world standarts. No doubt, Moscow is beautiful city and we were deeply inmpressed by it.

   "Aleksandra and Konstantin" will sing in qualification round on 12th of May. The duo's biography and info on other ESC 2004 participants is available in "This Year" section.

Nikolai Galanoff (, 27th of February 2004 

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