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 In the rhythm of wild dances
Ruslana will represent The Ukraine in Eurovision in May 2004 and now she answers our questions...
   Ukrainian singer Ruslana will show her "wild dances" on eurovision stage in May 2004, but now she found several minutes to answer our questions::

   - Ruslana, first of all, we offer our appologies for disinformation on Ukrainian Entry 2004. Song, which was here, has the same title "Diki Tantsi", but it turned out to be new remix of song "Oj, zagraj me muzichenku!" from your platinum album. What are the reasons of using the same title?

   - Of course, we understand, that the problem was, but frankly speaking, it's not your fault. Title "Diki Tantsi" was used for video-version and video-clip of song "Oj, zagraj me muzichenku!" from my hit album, that was the reason of confusion. I think, that eurovision song is likely to has different title to differ it from this so-called remix "diki tantsi".

   - Also there is a confusion with Ukrainian internal selection. It was written that Ani Lorack was runner-up in Ukraine. Is that so?

   - There was no National Contest or preselection in the Ukraine. Management of Ukrainian TV-company as a member of EBU chose me to be Ukrainian singer in ESC because of my success and popularity in my country (platinum album "Diki Tantsi" and successful ukrainian tour).

   - Ruslana, you created original style in music and dance. How would you describe it?

   - My stile can be called as "drive-ethno-dance". It's full with ethnic colour which is anew to europeans. Music style of "diki tantsi" consists of drive of rock music, energy of modern dance music and ethnic melodies of mountains.

   - Because of your original style you differ from other esc participants. What're your plans for stage performance in Eurovision?

   - We plan to present ethnic & exotic show, beautiful dresses, folk instruments and national dances.

   - Are you going to perform english or bilingual version at ESC?

   - We decided to combine 2 languages and to use bilingual version. Couplets will be sung in ukrainian and refrain - in english.

   - Do you plan to record song in other languages or release instrumental version?

   - Full english version is likely to be recorded. And dance instrumental mix will be released for sure.

   - When do you plan to release single in The Ukraine? What record-company will do it?

   - Single is planned to be released in the mid of March. This is a business of Comp music/EMI, which was responsible for release of my platinum album. And later (but before ESC) my new album will be released.

   - Do you plan to include any other songs in your single as b-side? Maybe this new remix of "Oj zagraj me muzichen'ku"?

   - Yes, and not only this song. Also there will be my video-clips

   - Could you give me information on your promo tour? Which countries are you going to visit?

   - We plan to give concerts in maximum countries we can. We 've already sang in Belarus and Malta. Also we 're going to Latvia, Ireland, Andorra, Lithuania, Spain, Finland, Poland, FYR Macedonia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia, Albania and others.

   - What's the way of distributing of promos?

   - Promos will be distributed through European Broadcasting Union, Eurovision events and EMI.

   - What are your plans for filming the video of your esc entry?

   - It's known that video clip will be filmed by specialists from Ukraine and Moscow, Russia. Also there will be persons from Chech Republic or from UK. Some scenes of clip will be filmed in Carpathians, Ukraine. But special film effects will be done in studio.

   - Is the script for clip ready?

   - The main part of it is ready, but some moments are under discussion now.

   - Will it be different from all your previous "ethnic" videos?

   - It has the same style as our previous clips, but there will be not so many ethnic exotic parts to be understood by europeans. We don't want this video to be full with folk and only folk style, we just need good modern video for modern euro song.

   - When will you film this video?

   - It will be ready in the mid of March.

   - What's your expectations from Eurovision song contest? Do you want to show ethnic beauty of your country or to show europe yourself as a original singer?

   - All that you said is right. We offer Europe new style and new ethnic melodies in modern music life. So we hope my origianl image and song will be more popular in Europe and my new album will be succesfull also.

   - What's your attitude towards Eurovision?

   - I think, it's good event and starting stage for many nice singers. Also the artist can show itself to european audience.

   - Do you think that it's old fashioned contest?

   - It might be, unfortunatly, but anyway I hope my song will be popular among esc viewers. "Diki Tantsi" is a style for people of all ages.

   - Can this event unite Europe?

   - I think, it can. I like such type of events: festivals, contest etc. It's a way to find new friend in musical sphere and to make some business contacts with interesting people.

   - Have you ever had tours in Russia?

   - Yes, we had. Several concerts in Moscow and Siberia in the end of 2003 and beginning of 2004. We toured with show "Diki Tantsi" with dance group "Zhittya".

   - What's your impressions from russian tours?

   - Everything was excellent. Now we have plans to promote our style and music in russian pop industry. We even made arrangemets on releasing album and having concert in Russia.

   - Thanks for answers. Hope to see you in Russia soon.

   Ruslana will sing in qualification round on the 12th of May 2004. Her biography and other info on Eurovision 2004 you may find in "This Year" partition.

Nikolai Galanoff (, 1st of March 2004 

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