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 "Dziesma par laimi" in Russian!
For all russian-speaking eurovision lovers latvian group "Fomins & Kleins" recorded Russian version of their ESC entry "Dziesma Par Laimi".
   Despite all disputes and problems of Russian language in Latvia, Fomins & Kleins took a chance and recorded "Dziesma Par Laimi" in Russian as "Pesnya pro schastie". Latvian singers surprised us, because their russian is perfect. We decided to find out, why Fomins and Kleins are so good at Russian and contacted with their producer and "Dziesma par laimi" co-author Guntars Racs:

   - Hi! We congratulate you all with winning in National Final. Have you started preparations for Eurovision 2004?

   - Thanks for congratulations. Our preparations for ESC are almost ready now. But we wish to keep it secret.

   - What languages do you plan to record "Dziesma par laimi"?

   - Actually the idea is to record in all languages on the planet earth! It might take some years and more, but this is the idea. So far we have Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Ukrainina, Byelorussian, Dutch, Russian, Finnish and working on Polish, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish and Maltese.

   - Are you going to release single in Russia or other Eurovision countries?

   - It depends on the results. If we will be in Top 3 than probably yes. Othervice I think this will not be reasonable, But however, we will be open to discuss any offers.

   - What countries are you going to visit during tour to promote your Eurovision Entry?

   - Lithuania and Belarus. Band is touring Latvia at the moment and for them is very important local support.

   - Your russian pronunciation is very correct and superb! Do you have any connections with Russia (or USSR)? Maybe any relatives?

   - Of course. What regards me, than my grandfather Alexei Rjaboff is Russian, but I've never seen him and even have no any photos. I also do not know his other relatives might live somewhere in Kaluga. What regards the band, than Tomass Kleins is naturally born gipsy and they live everywhere! lead singer IVO FOMINS father is Russian.

   - Did you travel to Russia on tour with concerts?

   - No tour plans to Russia so far. Some time ago IVO participated in the famous contest JURMALA and have 3d place. His brother IGO had 1st place before him.

   - Have you been invited to work in Russia?

   - Several times and different ways, but nothing serious. What regards myself, than I co-write many songs with famous composer Raimonds Pauls for Laima Vaikule Latvian album and many other artists. Some of the songs are written also in Russian language for famous children group Kykyshka . Also famous with performing Raimonds Pauls songs.

   - Do you can define somehow, how the Russian musical format differs from Latvian one?

   - It depends on what we call the Russian format?! If this is Via-gra , than this is totally different what our pop band doing. This way we more focus on music, and not on how we looking. If we call Russian format B2 or Mumij Troll, than we probably the same. Only Russian lyrics for the songs is more deep and more philosophical. We like the lyrics especially.

   Group "Fomins & Kleins" will sing in qualification round on the 12th of May 2004. Their biographies, mp3 of "Pesnya Pro schastie" and russian lyrics you may find in "This Year" partition -> Latvia.

Nikolai Galanoff (, 3rd of May 2004 

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