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 The Ukraine: everything is clear!
There is very strange situation on political scene in The Ukraine now. Nobody can predict the name of the future president. But situation with Eurovision is just the opposite. "Everything is clear in the Ukrainian final" - music professionals & esc lovers say. They are sure that the winner of National selection will be Ani Lorak with "Another Little Shot".

   Actually, Ani Lorak is the only one really popular singer among all participants of national final. And she's got everything to win in this competition. She presented catchy song "Another Little Shot", she is highly experienced in live singin', she is under strong promo company and finally most of the ukrainians love and adore her! We are also sure, that Ani Lorak can win a chance to represent The Ukraine in Eurovision 2005, that's why we decided to meet you with Ani Lorak and her entry beforehead... and asked her our common questions:

   - Hello! Let's start with your new song "Another little short". What is the style of it? Europop, rockopops or something different? This song is very individual, not alike other existing music styles. So what is your opinion as a singer?

   - I think, the style, this song was recorded in, is pop-rock.

   - When was "Another Little Shot" composed? And who are the authors of it?

   - This song was composed in summer 2003 in Los-Angeles. The authors are both not Ukrainian citizens: Pam Reswick u Andrew Logan.

   - Please, tell me, when and where was "Another Little Shot" recorded?

   - The song was recorded in summer 2003 also in private Pam Reswick studio, which is located on the 2nd floor of her house in Malibu (Los Angeles). Beautiful nature - mountains, ocean - helped me and my team in our creative work. I can tell, that during those five days we managed to record five absolutelly new songs, including "Another Little Shot".

   - It's very common thing for Eurovision, when artists record several versions of the entry and then choose the only one, which is more suitable for the contest. I guess, you did the same thing. How many versions of "Another Little Shot" were recorded?

   - Yes, you're right. Two versions of song exist. First one was recorded in Los Angeles, second variant of "Another little shot" was recorded later in Kiev with orchestration by my musicians (music band "Ani Lorak").

   - Well, 2 versions with different arrangement exist. But do you plan to record "Another Little Shot" in other languages or release instrumental version?

   - Yeah, no doubt, there will be some more versions of "Another Little Shot".

   - When will the album or single with "Another Little Shot" be released in The Ukraine and other countries? What record company will do it?

   - For the present the reference day is May 2005. But of course it is up to the result of Ukrainian National Final. And the release of this CD is a business of Ukrainian Record Company Lavina music.

   - What's your real aim of participation in National Final? To reach Eurovision or just to promote new song (for example, the participation in MelodiFestivalen as a good song promotion is a common thing for many artists)?

   - Not song promotion, but promotion of myself.

   - Great point of view. So, do you thing, that you have any advantages in National Final: professionalism, original style?

   - Maybe. It is my experience in stage performances and professional singing.

   - What's your own position about participation and winning the semifinal and final of Ukrainian Eurovision selection?

   - I must be the winner of them all.
   - What's your expectations from participation in National final and perhaps Eurovision song contest?

   - Of course, I need only the victory.

   - Do you think that it's very important to promote eurovision song in various countries as Ruslana did?

   - Yes, I think so. Promotion of the song is a great part of the future success. It's very important to promote entry in Europe.

   - Could you give me information on your future promo tour? Which countries are you going to visit?

   - As much as possible (that's about the countries).

   - It's known fact, that the best thing for Eurovision is interesting stage performance combined with good live singing. It is very hard work and not many artists are able to do it well. Live voice or dynamic show? What is your choise? Can you find a compromise between dances and strong vocal part?

   - Yes, I hope I can. Most of all our concerts are live, and my team always invents interesting and original ideas and ways to combine good live sound with dynamic live perfomance. And Eurovision is not exception to our rules. It's very important for us to sing well and to do an interesting show all together.

   - Just imagine. If you had an opportunity to record cover version of Eurovision song, what entry would you choose?

   - Oh, your qustion put me in a spot. I even can't remember any song, that participated in this contest, so rapidly.

   - With what esc participant would you sing as a duet and why?

   - The same answer, I do not know any esc singers.

   - What would you do, if the ukrainians would not choose you as their Eurovision representative?

   - In this way I will congratulate other winner and I will wish him good luck and the victory in Eurovision.

   - And the last question. Have you ever had tours in Russia?

   - Yes, of course. I had concerts in Moscow, Vladimir, Neftejugans and other Russian cities.

   Ani Lorak will perform song "Another little shot" in Ukrainian SemiFinal 11 to be held 17.01.2005 - 23.01.2005. But you may listen to this song now.
   Download audio "Another little shot" (studio) MP3 (3,0 Mb). It's better to use download-manager, for example Reget (
   Download video "Another Little Shot" (shooting the video) from official Ani Lorak site.
   View photos from shooting the video "Another Little Shot" on this page.

Nikolai Galanoff (, 5th of December 2004 

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