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 "Fair" games in Russian Eurovision
No doubt, 1st disqualification in Russian Finals will happen soon. Song to be banned from the selection will be "Samo Soboy" (That goes without saying) by Slava.

   Just some hours ago Channel 1 Russian announced participants of Russian Eurovision Selection. Among them one young & famous russian star Slava with entry "Samo Soboy". But it's clear now that this entry will be removed from the list of participants. And Slava by herself never appear in 1st semifinal on 4th of February.
   The point is that "Samo soboy" - is a plagiarism.
   Original song has title "Lopeta" and was sung by finnish group "TikTak". This composition appeared on their album "FRENDIT" in 1999 (!).
   It's unclear, if this song was stolen without permission. Or Slava's producers bought the rights of "Lopeta". It should be mentioned that there is note on Slava's official site, that the composer is person with strange name MAKI. Slava and her producers pulled a fact one. They tried to hide the real name of composer. It is Maki Kolehmainen. He wrote song "Addicted to you", which was Finnish entry in Eurovision 2002.
   What were the reason to submit a cover version to Eurovision Song Contest? Couldn't Slava & her producers find a new song in repertoire? Or her famous producer Viktor Drobish lost all his creative potential?
   It's very dissapointing surprise in 1st russian open selection by C1R. And it's likely that Yuri Aksiuta and other people from C1R musical department will have big problem because of this fact.
   Well, Slava became closer to Eurovision, but she never do one more step to European audience this year.

   Slava's biography, lyric and other information about Russian Participants in section National Contest -> 2005.
   Download audio "Samo Soboy" (excerpt) MP3 (1,7 Mb) and MP3 (1,7 Mb) Mirror 2.
   Download audio "Lopeta" MP3 (2,7 Mb) and MP3 (2,7 Mb) Mirror 2.

   Big-big thanks to one finnish guy, who helped to discover the fact of plagiarism!

Nikolai Galanoff (, 2nd of February 2005 

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