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 "Fair" games in Russian Eurovision
No doubt, 1st disqualification in Russian Finals will happen soon.
Song to be banned from the selection will be "Samo Soboy" by Slava.
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 «The Ukraine: everything is clear!». Ukrainian mass-media & music lovers are sure, that their  representative for Eurovision 2005 is Ani Lorak. Is that so? Ani gave exclusive interview. Read it [here]>>
 «"Dziesma par laimi" in Russian!». For all russian-speaking eurovision lovers latvian group "Fomins &  Kleins" recorded Russian version of their ESC entry "Dziesma Par Laimi". Exclusive interview [here]>>
 «In the rhythm of wild dances». Ukrainian singer Ruslana will perform in Eurovision 2004 in May. Now she answers our questions. Exclusive interview [here]>>
 «"My Galileo" - the song of victory». Belarussian group 'Aleksandra & Konstantin" won National Final 1 month ago. Now they are answering our questions. Exclusive interview is [here]>>
 «Duo "Smash!!" for Russia in 2004». Long time living rumour was confirmed to be the truth by official sources. Russian participants in ESC 2004 were chosen. Details is [here]>>
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 «"t.A.T.u." will sing three together at Eurovision». New 3rd tatugirl will appear on the scene of Eurovision 2003 in Latvia   Her photo and full article is [here]>>
 «To kiss or not to kiss?». Will European Broadcasting Union (EBU) allow t.A.T.u. to kiss at Eurovision 2003  in Latvia? Live show and millions of spectators [more]>>
 «Tatu will sing in Russian at Eurovision 2003». At ESC 2003 in Latvia group 'Tatu' will sing a song "Ne  ver', ne bojsya, ne prosi!" in Russian language. Full story is [here]>>
 «Russian Selection to be last for 2 additional weeks». Only on 20th of March Eurovision 2003 entry from  Russia will be officially announced. The reasons are More info is [here]>>
 «'TATU' to represent Russia in 2003 ?!». Tatu really submitted the song, but as international relations  manager of Channel one said: "all the best song will be chosen, but not the popular artist"... [more]>>
 «DuSha plans to take part in Eurovision. Any chances?». One more participants of National Final was  revealed - a song 'Ya ne Boleju Toboy" (I'm not ill with you ) Full story is [here]>>
 «Sahlene: I don't wanna participate in Eurovision again». Swedish singer Sahlene who represented  Estonia in 02 this year is a participant of Swedish Final. Do swedes forgive betrayal? Full interview is [here]>>
 «F.L.Y. vs Marija Naumova». Martinsh Freimanis: We wanna demonstrate the world, that Latvian music  is not only the cabaret". Full interview of Latvian Singer is [here]>>
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