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Alsou performed at position 9.
Russia placed 2nd among 24 participants with 155 points. Alsou was voted by: Israel (10 point), UK (8), Estonia (10), France (5), Romania (12), Malta (12), Norway (8), Belgium (7), Cyprus (12), Iceland (8), Spain (5), Denmark (6), Germany (4), Switzerland (2), Croatia (12), Sweden (5), Macedonia (7), Finland (5), Ireland (10), Austria (7). Only The Netherlands, Latvia and Turkey gave no points to Russia.
Here are the results of Russian Jury: Latvia 1 point, Spain 2, France 3, Germany 4, Switzerland 5, Romania 6, Macedonia 7, Malta 8, Croatia 10 and 12 points went to Denmark. Russian votes were announced by ORTV dictor Zhanna Agalakova.
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The biography.
      The name of Alsou means "rose water" in Tatarian language. The future singer was born June 27th, 1983 in a small town Bugulma in Tatarstan, Russia. Her parents got married on the 3rd course of oil institute. Born in Bugulma, Alsou has spent her happy childhood in Kogalym (Siberia), the town of oil industry. Alsou has studied in Russian school for only 3 years; simultaneously she learned playing piano. Her family wasn't rich - parents couldn't allow themselves to buy a piano for Alsou. Her father, Ralif Safin, was involved into development of perspective oil deposits. Soon everything has changed. Alsou started to travel much around the world. She has visited Denmark, Canada, USA and finally, in the age of 10 she set up in London, where she entered the prestige MPW College to study architecture and design. Once Alsou came to summer camp in Sweden. Being a big fan of Whitney Houston, the shy girl who bought every songbook of hers, was convinced by her girlfriend to sing "I Will Always Love You" on the camp's talent show. That's how it began...
      "I though I would try to break through to the pop-stage when I finish the school" - she admits now. But it happened much sooner than she expected. Asked by her father, the girl sang "I Will Always Love You" on her brother's wedding, and then "My Heart Will Go On", accompanying herself on the piano. After that everybody began persuading young lady to start a serious pop-career. Summer 1998 the good friend of Alsou's family, who have heard her magical voice, has offered to introduce Alsou to Russian producer Valery Belotserkovsky. The producer, swept off his feet, started searching for the repertoir. So Alsou was introduced to Russian composers and singers Alexander Shevchenko & Vadim Baikov, both of them just fell in love with her. The work on the songs began, but Valery couldn't find the song for a loud debut. At last his search finished: Belotserkovsky has managed to convince Alexander Shevchenko to give Alsou a retro-styled ballad called "Zimniy Son" ("Winter Dream"), which was actually written by Shevchenko for himself. Belotserkovsky felt intuitively that this song could attract the wide audience. In January 1999 the famous Russian director and clipmaker Yuriy Grymov shooted a video for "Zimniy Son". The idea of the video was inspired by Vladimir Nabokov's novel "Lolita" and scandalous movie with Jeremy Irons. The video was premiered in Moscow club "Solaris". Alsou was in London that time. When she arrived in Russia, she didn't believe her producer who told her that "Zimniy Son" is played everywhere and everyone knows the song by heart. Valery's words were confirmed later, when Alsou performed "Zimniy Son" in Moscow for the first time. Alsou admits she trembled but as she saw that the audience sang along with her and accepted the song with delight, she has understood what she needs in life. After the phenomenal success of her debut song the second has followed - "Vesna" ("Spring"). This time Yuriy Grymov shooted the video in Checz Republic, and once more Alsou had success. She got new fans and continued working on her debut album. In August 1999 the third video appeared. The cheerful song "Inogda" ("Sometimes") has blown up all Russian charts. At last Alsou's fans got a long-awaited present - Septebmer 16th, 1999 saw the release of Alsou's debut album. It has topped all the ratings, and there were over 1 mln. legal copies sold, which is a great number for Russia with it's audiopiracy.
      November 26th, 1999 the young singer signs a long term contract with the largest recording company "Universal Music", which negotiated with her for 6 months. According to the contract, named "unique" by Russian press, it's planned to release 7 albums worldwide. The foreign partners are sure that Alsou has an exclusive potential to conquer the Western pop stage. Alsou turned to be the first Russian artist to sign such an exclusive contract with the international recording label. In the end of 1999 Alsou, with the team of super-professional musicians, started touring CIS.
      In early 2000 Alsou recorded her first English song in "Universal". The composition called "Solo" went to Russian selection round for "Eurovision Song Contest 2000". Suddenly for Alsou, her pdoducer told her she has won the national contest, and the hard burden has fallen on her shouders - she was to present Russia on ESC. Spring 2000 Alsou and Valery Belotserkovsky travelled through many European countries with promo-visits. May 13th, 2000 the star, performing "Solo" in Stockholm, placed second. Her performance was watched by about 260 mln people all over the world. As the result, the single "Solo" became the best selling ever in Russia. It was awarded by the platinum status, and was released in Europe as well. After "Eurovision" Alsou attracted the foreign audience attention and got new fans abroad. After touring Russia in Summer 2000 (where her show once gathered 130 thousand spectators), Alsou was recording her debut English disc in UK, USA and Sweden studios. In August Alsou has recorded her vocal parts for a duet with Enrique Iglesias. The song "You're My 1" turned to be very good for Alsou's voice. The duet was performed by Alsou and Enrique on his Moscow concerts (September 2000). This fact has caused a hysteria in Russian mass media. In November the single was released in Russia, and Alsou continued to prepare English material for international release. The well-known director Tim Royce has shooted a video for the first single, "Before You Love Me". In the video, premiered December 31st on MTV-Russia, Alsou has appeared in completely new, untypical image for her - sexy dancing, open stomach & black leather...
      In the beginning of 2001 Alsou made the last strokes to her debut English album. Her Western manager Simon Napier-Bell in interview to UK mass media predicted Alsou's Western success. In March 2001 the promo-campain began in UK. Alsou appeared in popular British TV-shows. The song "Before You Love Me" took the first places in such prestige foreign charts as: MTV-UK Daily Chart, MTV Select, Music Week Pop Chart, and reached 27th place in Official UK Singles Chart. Alsou's posters were on London streets. But nevertheless, the single didn't become a bestseller. The British label of "Universal", "Mercury" has met problems promoting the single. Alsou says that was not the success they expected... In May Alsou went to Monte-Carlo to pick up the "World Music Award" as the Best Selling Russian Artist of 2000. The celebrities welcomed her with loud applause. The amazing performance of "Before You Love Me" provoked the next raise of public interest to Alsou.
      Having passed the exams in college, Alsou decided to take a year-off and devote it to her international career. In June she visited Moscow to celebrate her 18th birthday and to present her debut English album. The album contains 14 tracks, including "Before You Love Me" and "You're My 1". Two ballads ("Teardrops" and "Now I Know") were written by Alsou. The best Western producers who have worked with Christina Aguilera, Craig David, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, 'N Sync and others were invited to work on the album. The CD was produced by Simon Napier-Bell, the ex-manager of George Michael and "Wham!". Alsou spent few says in Moscow and then came to Germany, where her promotion began. There she participated in "Anthen Bayern" festival and several German TV-shows. "BYLM" single was released in Germany July 2nd, 2001. In the middle of July Alsou shooted the video for the secong single "He Loves Me (He Loves Me Not)" in London. In the end of the month Yuriy Grymov was already shooting the video for Alsou's new Russian ballad "Osen" ("Autumn") in Venice. In August Alsou performed on famous festival in Sopot (Poland). Her shedule on the next months was filled up to every minute. The public became interested in her in Japan, Australia and even in USA, where she should be supported by "Def Jam" label. It was planned to recods several new songs in USA and to release "Alsou" album there with tracklist different from it's European version. The international release of Alsou's English album was dated to Autumn.
      In August 2001 the video for "He Loves Me" appeared on Russian TV, MTV-Hits and MTV-Nordic. The song was played in Spain, Poland and other countries. 8th of November Alsou took the MTV Europe Music Award as the Best Russian Artist in Frankfurt (Germany).
      By this time the recording company which released the first Russian album of Alsou in 1999, "Real Records", wanted to release a special edition with some new Russian songs of Alsou (they had such arrangement in 1999). The planned album was named "Mne Prisnilas Osen" ("The Autumn Dreamed To Me"). "Universal Music" tried to prevent the release, considering it was illegal and contradicting with Alsou's contract with them. As the result, "Real Records" could release the new edition with old design and only two new tracks. The conflict between "Universal" and "Real" has resulted in court. Alsou's producer Valery Belotserkovsky broke his relationships with "Universal", not wishing to agree with "Universal's" behaviour and to be an obstacle for Alsou's international career. The Western carrier of Alsou was stopped ( "He Loves Me" hasn't been promoted in the UK, and her perfect English album was released only in several countries). Alsou returned to Russia, entered the GITIS Actor University and started recording her new Russian album.
      In early 2002 Valery Belotserkovsky has declared about leaving Alsou's project on the press-conference. "Universal" started to work with Alsou's new producer Alexander Shevchenko (Alexander perfers to call himself a general manager). The new Russian single of Alsou called "Vsyo Ravno" ("Anyway") became one of the greatest hits in Spring 2002. In April, after the long court hearings, "Real Records" released the special edition of Alsou's first album with the new design and five new songs. At the same time "Universal" released the new dance song of Alsou, "Run Right Out Of Time" on the CD with May issues of "Gala" magazine (Russian edition). To this moment Alsou's new Russian manager Alexander Shevchenko has held negotiations to find a new Western manager for her. Alsou made a choice herself - it's Denis Ingoldsby, the manager who worked with Craig David, Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton and "Travis". Spring 2002 Alexander Shevchenko & Vadim Baikov visited London to work on the new songs, written or co-written by Alsou.
      Summer 2002 Alsou was perfecting her vocal skill during the new concert tour through the CIS countries. Her new video for "Letyashchaya Nad Oblakami" ("Flying Over The Clouds") was shown in Russian cinemas before Russian love story "Atlantida", because Alsou has recorded two songs for the movie. In August the studio sessions began, and Alsou was preparing her concerts in Moscow at the same time as well. The "Trilogy" project was called by the newspapers "the important social and cultural event". The uniqueness of "Trilogy" is: no one singer in the world has given three completely different performances during only 10 days. The first show was held in concert hall "Rossija", where Alsou performed her old program "Alsou And Her Authors", which was never presented in Moscow before. The second one was an exclusive orchestra concert in Tchaikovsky Hall, where there are only 1500 places (the VIP's enjoyed "Ave Maria" by Alsou!). And the third one was a euro-pop show called "Solo", it was held in "Olimpiyskiy" Sport Complex and contained new Russian and English songs, with phantasmagoric moving decorations, huge monitors, great special effects, live sound, fantastic dancing and singing. After the third show Alsou shooted a video for the song "Vchera" ("Yesterday"), and in January 2003 released her new Russian album called "19". The CD was greatly appreciated by critics, and to April 2003 the sales have reached 500 thousand copies. Alsou's diligence couldn't be left without attention, and she was nominated to First National Music Award "Muz-TV". June 5th, 2003, having arrived in Moscow after the work in foreign studios, Alsou unexpectedly for herself became the winner in "Best Female Artist" nomination. The voting was held all over Russia, and Alsou couldn't stop the tears of joy. In July, 2003 the video for "Perviy Raz" ("First Time") was premiered.
      Almost for two years Alsou was working on her debut international album "Inspired". It was recorded in London and Los-Angeles. The work was supervised by the famous producers, for example Rhett Lawrence (Madonna, Michael Jackson) and Bass Bros. (Eminem). The album is ready and waits for its release. During the sessions there were about 16 songs recorded, most of them were written or co-written by Alsou, so she will show not only her signing, but also songwriting talent. The album will feature a cover-version of Lionel Richie's "Hello". It will also will include a collaboration with a rapstar Nelly "I Wish I Didn't Know". The album is more guitar flavored than Alsou's previous works. It will include the smash catchy pop-hits, R'n'B, beautiful ballads and songs with rock-sounding. By the way, firstly it was intended to record the album containing mostly ballads, but then the album's direction has changed. The first single, "Always On My Mind", written by Alsou and Morten Schjolin is already promoted in UK. The video was shooted May 2004 by well-known director Joseph Kahn. The commercial single will be out Febryary, 21st, 2005 in UK, then in the rest of the world. "Inspired" will be released April 2005. June 2004 Alsou was shooting in British mystical thriller "Spirit Trap", which will probably be out Spring 2005. So, Alsou's history continues...
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(original english lyrics)
music by Andrew Lane / lyric by Brandon Barnes

I'm sitting alone, here in my room
Staring at your picture from midnight till noon
Counting the hours counting the days
You know that I miss you in a million ways

Now I wait in the cold
And this is getting old
No more stories, no more lies
Take me off this ride

When you see me in the hall
I'll look at the wall
By my actions you should know
I'm going solo going solo

My friends try to tell me
I didn't want to listen
'Cause I'm the kind of person
Gotta find out on my own
I gave you my heart
You tore it apart
But I'm coming back strong
I know it was wrong

Now I wait in the cold
And this is getting old
No more stories, no more lies
Take me off this ride
When you see me in the hall
I'll look at the wall
By my actions you should know

Now I wait in the cold
And this is getting old
No more stories, no more lies
Take me off this ride
When you see me in the hall
I'll look at the wall
By my actions you should know
I'm going solo going solo

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Different versions of this song. The Discography. Downloads
1). Solo  (live from concert in Bugulma) 3:18 (vhs/dvd video "Rozhdenie Sverkhnovoy")
      Download MP3 "Solo" (live in Bugulma, 2000) here: MP3 (3.1 Mb)

2). Solo  (album version) 2:58 (english album "Alsou")
      Download MP3 "Solo" (album version) here: MP3 (2.7 Mb)

3). Solo  (live Congratulations 2005) 0:50 (C1R broadcasting)
      Download MP3 "Solo" (live Congratulations 2005) here: MP3 (800 Kb)


Alsou performing Solo at concert in Bugulma in 2000. Click to enlarge the image 1). Solo  (live from concert in Bugulma) 3:18 (vhs/dvd video "Rozhdenie Sverkhnovoy")

      Video features 1st couplet from Eurovision Performance and
      the rest of the song from live concert in Bugulma in 2000.
      Download video "Solo" (live in Bugulma, 2000): AVI (4.9 Mb)

Alsou performing Solo at Russian National Final 2005. Click to enlarge the image 2). Solo  (live from Russian National Final 2005) 2:53 (C1R Broadcasting)

      On 4th of February 2005 Alsou was a guest star at Russian National Final 2005 (1st semi).
      Download video "Solo" (live Russian National Final, 2005): AVI (4.9 Mb)

Alsou performing Solo at Congratulations - 50th anniversary show. Click to enlarge the image 3). Solo  (live from Congratulations 2005) 0:50 (C1R Broadcasting)

      On 22nd of October 2005 Alsou performed in a medley at Congratulations - 50th anniversary
      show in Copenhagen. Download video "Solo" (live COngratulations 2005): AVI (2.2 Mb)

Click to enlarge the image: Alsou - Solo (European Union Edition)    CD single "Solo" - European Union edition
       1. Solo (Radio Mix) / 2. Solo (Love To Infinity Radio Mix)
       3. Solo (Club Mix) / 4. Solo (Love To Infinity Club Dub Mix)
   Cat. number: EU Mercury/Universal 158 143-2

Click to enlarge the image: Alsou - Solo (Russian Edition)    CD single "Solo" - Russian Edition
       1. Solo (Radio Mix) / 2. Solo (Love To Infinity Radio Mix)
       3. Solo (Club Mix) / 4. Solo (Love To Infinity Club Dub Mix)
       5. Solo (Love To Infinity Master Mix) + Video interview with Alsou and fragments of clip 'Solo'
   Cat. number: Universal Music Russia 158 143-2

DVD Rozhdenie Sverkhnovoy Alsou. Click to enlarge the photo    Videofilm "Alsou. Rozhdenie Sverkhnovoy" (supernova birth)
       Alsou and her authors. Concert in Bugulma 2000.
      This videofilm features concert performances, new songs and
   Alsou's hit entries, various video reports and interviews with her parents,
   producer Valeriy Belotserkovsky and authors of her songs.

   DVD: Megapol' / CP Digital CP-032 , release date: 17.04.2001
   VHS: Megapol' / Soyuz Video (without cat. number), release date: 17.04.2001

English album Alsou. Click to enlarge the photo    CD album "Alsou"
   First english album Alsou.
   Cat. number: RUSSIA Universal 014 653-9 , release date: 2001

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