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Group 'Prime Minister' (Premier Ministr)
"Nothern Girl"
Logo of Eurovision 2002 On the 25th of May 2002 at Eurovision in Estonia Russia was represented by a group "Premier Ministr" with a song 'Nothern Girl'. Russia placed 10th and got 55 points. Here are voters given to Russian: Cyprus (5 pts), Greece (2), Estonia (10), Israel (1), Finland (3), Malta (8), Romania (10), Latvia (10), Lithuania (6).
Here are the results of the Russian Jury: Austria 1 point, Germany 2 votes, Estonia 3, Lithuania 4, Malta 5, Cyprus 6, Belgium 7, Greece 8, Latvia 10 votes, Romania 12
Official site of 'Prime Minister':

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"Nothern Girl" (english version)
Music by Kim Breitburg ; Lyrics by Karen Kavaleryan, Evgene Fridlyand, Irina Antonyan

In all my wanderings around the world
I've seen so many kinds of pretty girls
All of them like precious stones
Sparkling on their own
I found them fiery, tender, bright and sweet
In Rome and Paris, Lisbon and Madrid
But one girl remains for me
Still a real mystery
I've been thinkin' about you


Northern girl Lady Ice
How can I melt you baby
Northern girl never cries
Tough like a pearl
Northern girl frosty eyes
I wanna melt you baby
Northern girl

We drink the sunset like ruby wine
But still you keep your head and hold the line
Even when you look aside
I admire your pride
We stand together closely skin to skin
You look forbidding as the Snow Queen.
But I hear your secret call
'Cause your fortress has no walls
I'm still thinkin' about you


And when you ask me tonight
Why I search for love so so far
I will hold you and whisper
You're my northern star guiding star baby

Refrain twice

Prime Minister. Photosession. Click to enlarge the photo

Prime Minister on Eurovision Press-Conference. Click to enlarge the photo

Prime Minister at Eurovision. Photosession. Click to enlarge the photo

Prime Minister at Eurovision: guys are unpleased with voting results. Click to enlarge the photo

Prime Minister at Eurovision with Francine Jordi (Switzerland). Click to enlarge the photo

Prime Minister in a Green-Room. Click to enlarge the photo

Prime Minister at Eurovision with Corinna May (Germany). Click to enlarge the photo

"Девочка С Севера" (Cyrillic alphabet)
Music by Kim Breitburg ; Lyrics by Karen Kavaleryan

Prime Minister. Photosession. Click to enlarge the photo Она летит сегодня ровно в два
Обычным рейсом Воркута-Москва
В сумке несколько кассет
Да пачка сигарет.
Пусты карманы - денег ни гроша,
Но бьётся сердце и поёт душа
Околдована мечтой
Сделать все, что б стать звездой
И ни больше ни меньше


Девочка с севера
Девочка ниоткуда
Спрячь скорей ото всех
Мысли свои
Девочка с севера
Вся в ожиданьи чуда
И любви

Prime Minister in the Tube of Eurovision Winner. Click to enlarge the photo Её не ждут ни мама , ни отец
Она взяла билет в один конец.
И остались позади
Серые дожди
В потёртых джинсах розовых очках
Она лишь верит - всё в её руках
И не знает, что она
В этом городе одна
Из миллиона таких же

Refrain x2

И ей снова кажется
Ей - много светлых дней впереди
Жизнь, как вечное лето,
И волшебный принц ждёт ее где-то

Refrain x2

"Devochka s severa" (translit)

Ana litit sigodnia rovna v dva
Abichnim eisam Varkuta-Maskva
F sumki neskal'ka kaset
Da pachka sigaret.
Piusti karmani - denig ni grasha,
No biotza sertze i paiot dusha
Akaldovana michtoj
Sdelat' vsio, chto p stat' zvisdoj
I ni bolshe ni menshe

Prime Minister during ESC week. Click to enlarge the photo Refrain:

Devachka s severa
Devachka niatkuda
Spriach' skarej ata vsieh
Misli svaji
Devachka s severa
Vsia v aszhidan'i chuda
I liubvi

Ije ni szhdut ni, ni atietz
Ana vziala bilet v adin kanetz
I astalis' pazadi
Serije daszhdi
V patiortih dszhintzah v rozovih achkah
Ana lish' verit - vsie v jejo rukah
I ne znajet , chto ana
V etam goradie adna
Iz miliona takih szhe

Prime Minister. Photosession. Click to enlarge the photo Refrain x2

I jej snova kaszhitsia
Ej - mnoga svetlih dnej vpiridi
Szhizn' , kak vechnoje lieto,
I valshebnij prinсe zhdiot ejo gdie-ta

Refrain x2

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Different versions of this song. The Discography. Downloads
Group 'Prime Minister' recorded several versions of "Nothern Girl":
1. "Nother Girl" (english version)
2. "Devochka S Severa" (russian version)
3. "Nothern Girl" (karaoke) - all 3 version are on FBI music promo

guitar and arragements - Oleg Belov,
sound engineering - Andrej Usatij,
recording is made in october 2001
in studio "Dialog" © 2001 FBI-MUSIC,
Evgene Fridlyand's producing centre

Premier-Ministr - 'VIP' live album. Click image to enlarge 4). Nothern Girl (live 2003) 3:03. Download MP3 (2,8 Mb)
5). Devochka S Severa (Девочка С Севера) (feat Marija Naumova) 3:10. MP3 (2,9 Mb)
Both songs are on live album "Osobo Vazhnie Personi" ("Особо Важные Персоны") (MC, CD). It's recorded from the concert, which was in June 2003. Marija Naumova - is Marie N, the winner of ESC 2002 from Latvia. And she sings "Devochka S Severa" in Russian.
Release date: 01.04.2004. Label: Misteria zvuka. Catalogue number: NIC2 003-2

Song 'Nothern Girl' is very similar in style and melody to 'Solo', which was sung by Alsou in ESC 2000. You can download mp3 'Nothern Girl SO aLOne (ESCmix)' >>, which proves unity of style.

Prime Minister - VIP DVD. Click to enlarge Video album "Osobo Vazhnie Personi" ("Особо Важные Персоны") (DVD, VHS).
Live video from the 2003 concert.
Video "Nothern Girl" (live 2003) and "Devochka S Severa" (Девочка С Севера) (feat Marija Naumova).

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News 2002!
  Before the main performance at Eurovision 2002 group "Premier Ministr" will go on promo-tour , guys will visit some countries-participants of Eurovision , they will visit Riga, Tallin, Helsinki, Ankara and Tel-Aviv. There will be a life performance in every city and take part in various tock-shows at all Popular telechannels and radioastations. This tour is called "general rehearsal before Eurovision". Also, - said Frienliand (produccer of group),- before Eurovision there will be official performance in Russian Embassy in Estonia. And right after the contest ( one doesn't if group place badly in ESC) everybody are invited for after-party, which will be held in the biggest club of Tallinn titled :Terrarium" (capacity 2500 people). There will be life concert, happiness and crazy night. "Premier Ministr" is supported by ORTV and Konstantin Ernst." We really believe in our guys and in their song. And we hope that next year Eurovision will be in Moscow" ©

  Group "Prime Minister" has undergone a deep dreezing.
   On the 4th of April the shooting of video clip "Nothern Girl" was held, during which 'Prime's had to sing in a huge refrigerating chamber of ice-cream factory "Ice-Phily" at temperature a minus 18 ? C. The director of a clip Sergey Kal'varskiy and operator Marat Adel'shin have decided to depart traditional candy-love filming which is ordinary for boys-band clips. The clip on " Nothern Girl " will be very rigid on stylistics - not without reason soloists freezed on to the walls of a huge refrigerator covered with hoarfrost and icicles. In this clip there will be no even a hint on dancing synchronization and the spirit of pop - the main idea is a love dialogue between the man and woman, and the retorts of this dialogue were tattoed on the main heroes's bodies. It's curious that for shooting a clip the special tattoo ink was used which will leave only in some months, so the main heroes will still wear a body traces from filming. The content of dialogues differs in the English and Russian versions of a clip - so in English, contrary to all traditions, prevail minor tones, and in Russian - on the contrary - major tones.

Some extras from the video-clip

   Also national subjects will be represented in clip "Nothern Girl" - costumes of the soloists were designed by the fashion designer Denis Simachiov in well-known style - with USSR symbolics and portraits V.V. Putin ( the President of Russian Federation). ©

  Russian delegation in Estonia!
   It consists of : the chief of international unit of ORT Elena Arhkipova, general ORT's Producer Aleksander Phaiphman, press service 's chief Igor' Burenkov, programm directors of radio 'Europa +" ('Europe +') and 'Russkoje Radio' ('Russian Radio'), and of course "Prime Minister" with their producer Evgenij Fridlyand. The commentators of Russian broadcasting will be: programme director of 'Europe +' Juriy Aksiuta instead of Konstantin Mihailov (last year commentator) and Elena Batinova ('Europe +').

Ticket for After-Party. Click to enlarge the image   Eurovision After Party!
Let's support group 'Prime Minister' on Eurovision directly from 'Terrarium' club!
   May 25 in club 'Terrarium' the 'live' broadcasting will be held , also some groups and singers will perform their songs: groups 'Ob'ekt' ('Object') and 'De Luxa', project 'Ultramarine', Katja Nechaeva. In 2 o'clock in the night after Eurovision 'Prime's will arrive and sing their best songs. Among guests also Philip Kirkorov (Russian Eurovision Singer in 1995), Valentin Judashkin, Konstantin Ernst, Aleksander Lubimov and other official persons from Russia. The tickets are in all cash departments of city. ©

Prime Minister during Eurovision Week in Tallinn. Click to enlarge the photo Prime Minister during Eurovision Week in Tallinn. Click to enlarge the photo Prime Minister during Eurovision Week in Tallinn. Click to enlarge the photo Prime Minister during Eurovision Week in Tallinn. Click to enlarge the photo Prime Minister during Eurovision Week in Tallinn. Click to enlarge the photo  Russia:
We're looking wonderful!

Russian group Prime Minister is more certain of victory than ever, improving their performance in rehearsals day by day.
   During the first press conference the Russians announced that they planned to win. After their second rehearsal they've grown even more confident.Head of Delegation Elena Arkhipova described the unlimited possibilities of organizing Eurovision in Moscow and said that they are ready to host the contest.
   Since Russia is a huge country and has many time zones, it was doubtful that everybody would be awake during the three-hour broadcast. But Elena Arkhipova was certain that the patriotism of the Russians and the popularity of the performers would keep the whole country in front of their TV sets on Saturday evening. ©
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