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Natalia Podolskaya ( )
«Nobody Hurt No One»
Eurovision 2005 logo Natalia Podolskaya in Russian Semifinal 2 for Eurovision. Click to enlarge photo Natalia Podolskaya will represent Russian Federation in Eurovision 2005. She will perform "Nobody Hurt No One". Music was written by her producer Victor Drobush. Lyric by M.S. Applegate & J.P.Chase
The performers of the Russian act will be: singer - Natalia Podolskaya, bassist - Toni Hintikka (bassist of Technicolour), guitarist - Valeriy Drobysh, drummer - Teijo Jamsa (drummer of Killer), backing vocalists - Yana Kozlova & Olga Belaya
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The calendar of events.
       Friday, 20 May DAY 5 - ?
   Two dress rehearsals for the Grand Final were held - in 15:00 and in 21:00

   Download C1R videoreport about russian party and BirthDay of Natalia AVI (2.9 Mb).

       Thursday, 19 May DAY 4 - ?

       Wednesday, 18 May DAY 3 - Trip to Pyrohovo and Russian Party
   In the morning Natalia was a guest in DJ Pasha show on Gala Radio.
Natalia Podolskaya in Pyrohovo. Eurovision 2005 Kiev. Click to enlarge photo    Some hours later she had wonderfull trip to Pyrohovo. This year the organizers of the Eurovision Song Contest offered all participants a trip to the famous Ukrainian open-air museum Pyrohovo. This half-day trip started at 11:00 a.m. Natalia managed to promote her entry even there: she took part in National round dance and sang "Nobody Hurt No One".
   And in the evening Russian Party was held. There were some special guest such as female singers Varvara and Slava, who participated in Russian National Final 05, pop star Philip Kirkorov and last year winnner Ruslana.
   Download C1R videoreport about all those events here AVI (2.9 Mb).

       Tuesday, 17 May DAY 2 - Second rehearsal & press-conference
   In the evening after dinner break (18:45 - 19:15 CET) Russian 2nd rehearsal was held.
Natalia Podolskaya at the 2nd rehearsal. Eurovision 2005 Kiev. Click to enlarge photo Natalia Podolskaya at the 2nd rehearsal. Eurovision 2005 Kiev. Click to enlarge photo    Russia is noted by many reporters to be pretty good. It's not static performance and something happens on stage. Natalia really sings a lot better than in the national final, and her song is very effective. Lots of white and red stage lighting fit this rock number perfectly.
   There were no much differences from the 1st rehearsal, Natalia just weared her black stage costume. Also Russian delegation gave instructions and corrections about camera work during Russian rehearsal.
   After rehearsal Natalia had her press conference. Here is the main idea of it.
   Natalia Podolskaya dreams of a career as a worldwide pop star. For me, Eurovision is a first step to making my name in Europe and abroad, she said. After Eurovision, Im working on my second album. We recorded the first song four days ago in Finland and it will be a pop-rock album, rather than dance music.
   Natalia is actually from Belarus. How does she feel about representing Russia? Well, Russia has quite an international group, she said. Theres someone from Finland, there are some from Russia and Im a citizen of Belarus. Its like our own small Eurovision. Music has no borders.
Natalia Podolskay at the press conference. Eurovision 2005 Kiev. Click to enlarge the photo    Some newspapers in Belarus are complaining that yet again Russia is being represented by a former contestant of Star Factory. Does that disappoint her? I dont really care what the papers say, she said. I dont have time to read them. I just want to make a good impression on stage.
   Natalia believes that certain numerical omens could bode well for her. The Final is on 21 May, and thats my fathers birthday, she said. My birthday is on 20 May and Russia will be the 20th country to perform. And of course, 21 minus 20 equals number one!
   One journalist suggested that Natalias song Nobody Hurt No-One was anti-American, as it contains the line, Hello sweet America, where did our dream disappear? But Natalia said, Its not against America or anyone. On the contrary, its for everyone. America just rhymes with little Erica, so its just a lyric.
   Natalias song is one of many rock songs in this years contest. But everyone loves rock, she said. And I think we have a particularly good song this year.
   During my childhood, my idol was Whitney Houston, she said. I know all her songs and I especially like the soundtrack to The Bodyguard. I saw that film maybe 20 times.
   Some of Natalias band members are Finnish. Finland is the motherland to our song, Natalia said. The writer of the song Victor Drobysh lives in Finland, we recorded it in Helsinki and shot the video there too. So its only natural that we have Finnish band members as well.

       Monday, 16 May DAY 1 - Natalia's first rehearsal
Natalia Podolskaya, 1st rehearsal. Eurovision 2005 Kiev. Click to enlarge the photo Natalia Podolskaya, 1st rehearsal.Eurovision 2005 Kiev. Click to enlarge image    Russian delegation and Natalia Podolskaya herself came to Kiev yesterday (sunday, may 15).
   Today in 20:00 Natalia had the first rehearsal on the scene. Natalia felt herself very confident. And her vocal was perfect.
   After rehearsal the press conference took place. Natalia said, that she felt ok and she prepaired some surprises for spectators: "We will have new interesting costumes, and you will see them only on the 21st of May!"
Natalia Podolskaya, Boris Novkovich and yugoslavian fan. EUrovision 2005 Kyiv. Click to enlarge the photo Natalia Podolskaya and Omar Naber. Eurovision 2005 Kiev. Click to enlarge image    In the evening the official Awakening welcome cocktail party for the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest was held at the Mariinskiy Palace in Kyiv. The event was very glamorous with an outdoor reception in the grounds of the palace, with a full string orchestra and traditional dance troop performing. Russian delegation was represented their too, including Russian ambassador in the Ukraine.
   Later in the evening Angelica Agurbash, belarussian singer, hosted her big Eurovision party in the EuroClub nightclub. Amongst the guests there were plenty of this years Eurovision Song Contest participants, including Natalia Podolskaya of Russia, where she also took part in some native Belarusian dancing with Angelica and other guests. Then Natalia relaxed and had time to sit and enjoy drinks and girlie talk with some of the other leading ladies of Eurovision.

       Thursday, 12 may - Farewell press-conference in Moscow
   On May 12 at the Itar-Tass news agency (Moscow) the press conference, dedicated to russian Eurovision 2005 participant Natasha Podolskaya, was held. There were Igor Burenkov, the PR director of C1R, Aleksey Chuykin, executive director of company "Edmar plus", Yuri Aksyuta, the C1R musical director, Victor Drobysh, well-known composer and producer, and Natasha herself.
   Victor Drobysh told about Natalia's achievements: "We did a great job, and I was glad, that Natalia succeeded in it, especially, in Promo Tour. In September 2004 no one even knew, who was Natasha Podolskaya, but now she is one of the basic female figures in the Russian show business."
   Mr. Drobysh answered a question about their plans after Eurovision: "This contest cannot radically change Natalia's life. We will win or not, but anyway we will work, write new songs and perform on tour in the country. And, probably some interesting proposals will appear from the side of western companies".
Natalia Podolskaya with her producer during press-conference. Click to enlarge photo    Natalia Podolskaya in her turn thanked everybody: "It is very important for me that you all are here. I can tell, that we did everything together, not just me, but our big team. I am proud, that I am the participant of 50th Eurovision Song Contest, being the tenth representative from Russia. I was elected by televoting and this is very honorable. Now we wait till the 21st of May to do everything we can."
   Yuri Aksyuta shared his opinion about Eurovision: "After the contest everybody discuss what performance is more professional and interesting. Our task is not to let Natalia be upset and nervous. This is not simple concert, and participant demonstrates his talents, vocal data and understanding of song. So i think it's important to talk about content and nature of the song, which was written for Natasha by Victor. I watched all previews and I can say that "Nobody Hurt No One" is one of the hard and clever from this Eurovision. The second good thing is that we will be on stage at the end of the show, as the twentieth participant. I hope, this year would be very lucky for us".

       Friday, 6 may - Natalia Podolskaya in Belgium
Natalia Podolskaya in Belgium in Popi Cafe. Click to enlarge photo Natalia Podolskaya in Belgium in Popi Cafe. Cli    Natalia and her producer Victor Drobysh stayed at the Metropole Hotel in Brussels. They gave some interviews for local magazines and Dutch news websites. But unfortunally they could not do a television appearance in Belgium.
   In the evening Natalia gave a small live concert in the Popi Cafe in Antwerp, which her management had arranged. Spectators have appreciated it: "This girl really can sing! Despite the short performance, Natalia has presented herself as a strong performer with interesting repertoir..."

       Saturday, April 30 - Sunday, May 1 Natalia Podolskaya in the Ukraine
   On saturday April 30 Natalia was a guest on Europa FM in the "Morning Show", on Hit FM and Radio Kyiv. Also she gave interviews for ukrainian musical channels Inter TV, TET TV and Music Radio.
   Natasha was also on "Gala radio" in the show of DJ Pasha "Pasha's TOP 20" (DJ Pasha - the host of Eurovision 2005). Pasha invites ESC participants to his program and talks with them about the festival. But for Natalia he prepaired a different scenario: she was to listen to and to comment songs of other competitors. "Zdob shi zdub has the best song! - said Natasha. - there is a joy and drive in it!". And using the chance of 'on air' broadcasting, Natasha was asked to sing live: "I sing since 9 years old and as a proof of my vocal skills I can sing now" - Natasha said in a moment. She performed her favourite song "I will always love you" of Whitney Houston and of course her entry "Nobody Hurt No one".
   On the 1st of May Natalia participated in the 14th international music festival "Tavria games" (in ukrainian city Kakhovka). Besides Podolskaya, eurovision representatives from the Ukraine (GreenJolly), Croatia (Boris Novkovic), France (Ortal), Israel (Shiri Maymon) and Great Britain (Javine) appeared there.
   Natalia together with esc participants from Israel, Croatia and UK flew to Kakhovka city by the "domestic" aircraft Yak-40, which is owned by football club "Dynamo-Kiev". Dynamo players call their airplane "iron cigarette-butt". Iron - because it is strong and reliable, and cigarette-butt - because it shakes inside, as if someone, after finishing smoking "cigarette-aircraft", threw it into the sky. All the way Natalia tried to calm down female journalist next to her. And after landing pilots approached to Podolskaya and shaking her hand, they said, that she would be an excellent stewardess. They thanked her for the courage and self-control.
   In the bus, which delivered artists to the concert area, Natalia met other participants of Eurovision. Drummer from Croatia learned everybody how to tell "music" anecdotes, tapping rhythm by rods. Thery photographed and sang songs together. And croatian back-vocalists rehearsed all the way.
Natalia Podolskaya on Tavria Games in Ukraine. Click to enlarge the photo    In "Tavria Games" concert Natalia performed right after swedish group "BWO", which participated in the swedish national final for Eurovision. And Ruslana announced Natalia's performance. Last year winner said that in 2004 she was greatly supported by Russia and she is very grateful to that country and to "Channel One Russia", in particular. Ruslana presented Natalia and finished her speech by the phrase: "Let's support Russia this year!".
   And after concert all artists, tired by flight and by interviews all artists, had after-party, which was held on the cruise motor ship "General Vatutin". Musicians played the guitars, performed songs in the different languages and every person tried to sing, even without knowing words completely and without understanding the content. Finally all artists relaxed...

       Thursday, April 28 - Promotour details are known
   On Saturday, Russian representative Natalia Podolskaya was leaving for a tour through Europe to promote her Eurovision entry "Nobody hurt no one". This is how her tour schedule looks like the following two weeks:
    30th April - 2nd May: Ukraine
    4th - 5th May: Croatia
    5th - 7th May: Belgium
    7th - 8th May: Greece
    9th - 11th May: Moldova
   On 15th May Natalia Podolskaya will be arriving in Kiev.

       Thursday, April 21 - How finnish chaps rocked?
   "Eurovision 200" participant Natalia Podolskaya has lately come back from Finland where her video "Nobody Hurt No One" was shot. In the video clip Natalya appeared in a completely new image. Genuine rock musicians rocked together with her.
   The pop singers new image was being elaborated during several months. All Natashas friends and show business maestros (beginning with twin sister Yuliana and ending with Joseph Prigozhin) racked their brains over the prospective image of the girl singing about the fight against terrorism. It was only at the last moment that the singers friend and stylist Natasha Pilat said, "Natasha should look like Shirley Manson, the leader of "Garbage". Like a rocker, but with an elegant touch". A black top with a cutout back, jeans buttock-clingers and black high-heeled boots perfectly blended in her hot red hair and straight fringe.
   Podolskayas producer and composer Victor Drobysh participated directly in the video clip preproduction. He selected a group of musicians. They are renowned Finnish musicians the drummer from "Rasmus" and the guitar player from "Killer". Among them was also Victors son Valera Drobysh playing electric guitar. They will represent Russia on the "Eurovision 2005" Final in Kiev on May, 21. Channel One Russia will broadcast the event.
   The shooting was carried out in the "Tavastia" night club. The plan was that Natasha was to rock in front of madding crowd. The producers feared that they would fail to find volunteers in a foreign country. So they erred on the safer side and advertised on the Russian radio station "Sputnik" that they needed volunteers for the video starring "Eurovision 2005" participant Natalya Podolskaya. Volunteers were quickly found. More than 500 people appeared on the film set. The Finnish chaps demonstrated volcanic reaction on what was going on around them, and by the late evening the club had literally been smashed up. A pretty penny to recover utensil and furniture was added to the cost sheet.
   Clipmaker Igor Burloff. Art director Zhora Nichry. Stylist Natalya Pilat.

       Saturday, March 26 - First solo concert of Natalia Podolskaya
   Belarus resident Natalia Podolskaya visited her homeland, where she gave several performances. She was a guest star in concert-recital of Valeriy Golovko in The Palace of the Republic in Minsk.
Natalia Podolskaya in belarus club Reactor. Click to enlarge the photo    Also Natalia had her solo concert in the club Reactor. Surprisingly only 50% of tickets were bought as russian Fame Story participants concerts usually are all "sold out". But despite that fact, Natalia's club concert had very friendly athmosphere: there were her mother, sister Olga and her Belarus close friends among the audince. During show Alexandr Tikhonovich suddenly appeared on the stage and presented Natalia wonderful flowers. And Natalia was so happy... Podolskaya sang in her white costume, which she appeared on one concert of Fame Story. It was obvious, that Natatia felt a little nervious as it was not usual for her to be alone on the stage during all concert. When the show ended, many of her fans asked Natalie to give autographes.
   After this club concert in Reactor Natasha went to her close friend, where she had small party to celebrate her first big solo concert, which had been in Novopolotsk on 23th of March.

       Sunday, March 20 - New arrangement and performance for Kiev
   Some days ago Natalia Podolskaya came back from Finland, where she recorded new version of her entry "Nobody Hurt No One". She did it in Finland, because her producer Victor Drobush had worked there for a long time. The new arrangement for the song was done and Natalia Podolskaya sung the vocals all over again.
   It is known that Head of Delegation meeting is to start on Monday 21 in Kiev and Channel One Russia is well prepared for it. The Russian broadcaster produced a DVD including a small movie about the Russian national selections and the live performance of Natalia Podolskaya during the Russian national final. Together with the single "Nobody hurt no one", the DVD will be handed out to the 38 other delegations. The single version, the one to be performed at the upcoming Eurovision, is a newly recorded version of the song.
   Natalia Podolskaya says, that stage act will be changed for the contest, the new dress will be made and now Podolskaya team also started thinking about what else they should do to surprise. Also she plans to do a a promo tour in Europe in April and May.

       Sunday, March 13 - Pugacheva gave some advices to Podolskaya
   In paper "Moskovski Komsomolets" interview with Podolskaya appeared. Natalia told some thing about Eurovision as well:
   It was big surprise for her to become the winner of Russian National Final. On the scene she didn't managed see her name on the voting screen line with her name had yellow background. That's why at first she saw surname of runner-up Dima Bilan and thought he won.
   Natalia was a participant of "Fabrika Zvyozd 5" (Fame Story) and other participants congratulated with her winning and send a lot of SMS. Participants of this reality show have all-russian tour now. Natalia also performed there, but now she stopped her cooperation and never did a single concert after winning in Russian Final. Natalia said, that all her time was being spent on Eurovision preparations...
   Alla Pugacheva (Russia 97) was a creative producer of "Fabrika Zvyozd 5". And she gave several advices to Podolskaya, but Natalia didn't tell details. Those advices are about Natalia herself, about her stage performances and live singing. But after winning Russian Selection Natalia didn't contacted Pugacheva, but she really wants to know Alla's opinion about her performance.
   Natalia told about "Nobody Hurt No One". It was composed by her producer Victor Drobush; words are by famous in music worlds Mary Applegate. Drobush offered Natalia, that she could enter this song to Eurovision, and she agreed as she like this song very much. Natalia has the same position as the main idea of this song: no pain, no terrorism, no need to hurt anybody! Natalia watches Eurovision every year, analize it, but she can't say, that she can agree with 1st place every time. Last year she was glad that Ruslana won, but Natalia could not believe that The Ukraine, participating just for the 2nd time, managed to win. But Ruslana was different to other contestants, that's why she won.
   Podolskaya was asked, what mistakes were made by Julia Savicheva (Russia 04), but Natalia answered that didn't want to talk about her mistakes. Let Savicheva's producers do it. But now Natalia thinks about "Nobody hurt no one" only and about that, how not to make mistakes by herself.
   Natalia answered some questions about rumours, that are all around her despite she just appeared last year on russian pop scene:
    You were told to go to Eurovision already in the winter...
    Really? I haven't heard that. But I know rumours that Dima Bilan and Anastasia Stotskaya were about to win in Russia.
    And rumours about the money of your boy-friend and that your 1st place was bought by famous and rich people from Belarus?
    Oh-oh-oh! There are not such persons. That is just rumour!

       Friday, February 25
   Natalia Podolskaya won in Russian Final.

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The biography.
      Natalia Podolskaya sang "Nobody hurt no one". Her producers are Iosif Prigozhin & Victor Drobush
      Natalia Podolskaya was born in 1982 in belarussian city Mogilev. She finished music school with a diploma of piano player. When she was 9 years old, she started to sing in enlemple "Studio "W" of Mogilev college of music and choreography. In 1991-1997 as a member of this group she became prizewinner of such contests as "Zorna Rostan", "Magutni bozha" (Belarus), "Goldenfest" (Poland), she participated in Belgium, Germany, Poland.
      In 1999-2004 Natalia was a student of Belarussian Institute of the Jurisprudence, she graduate it with diploma, which featured only the best marks. But also she did her artistic career and got her experience of a singer. Podolskaya took part in various projects of Belarussian TV & Radio, she became a finalist of belarussian music festival "Na perekrestkakh Evropi 2002, 2003".
      In 2002 she entered also Moscow Institute of Modern art to study vocal professionally. And she moved to Moscow to work on her solo songs and future album
      She became famous after participating in contest of young singers "Slavyanski Bazar v Vitebske 2002", where she got 3rd prize. And in autumn 2003 she took part in "UNIVERSETALENT Prague 2002" contest. She managed to got both main prizes of this contest "Best song" & "Best singer". Michael Jay (USA, producer, composer, he got Grammy and wrote songs for Celine Dion, Lara Fabian etc) said that Natalia Podolskaya was much more interesting than the popular russian duo Tatu that days.
      In the beginning of 2003 Michael Jay and Raen Lobcher (UK) wrote song "Unstoppable" specially for Natalia. Authors suggested Podolskaya, that she should have participated with "Unstoppable" in British Eurovision National Final. But Podolskaya turned out to be real patriotic girl... She participated in Belarussian National Final. The result of this selection was a big-big scandal. After the national contest was shown, the following things happened. First results of televoting were given by company, which held this voting: Podolskaya scored 14.506 votes, and duo "Alexandra & Konstantin" - 2.260. But when Belarussian TV announced the results of the National Final, televoting information was changed: duo "Alexandra i Konstantin" got 1st place with 2.311 votes, and Natalia Podolskaya - only 2.213.
      At the end of 2004 Natasha Podolskaya participated in russian reality show on C1R "Fabrika Zvyozd-5" and was favourite in tv-viewers opinion. She finished 3rd. On 17th of December Russian record company "Iceberg Music" releases debute album by Natalia Podolskaya, which was titled "Pozdno" ("Too late") . This release is a unique precedent in russian show-biz: it was the first time when participant of reality show "Fabrika Zvezd" released the album, while being inside of reality-show , in front of cameras.
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"Nodody Hurt No One"
(english lyrics)
music by Victor Drobush / lyric by M.S. Applegate, J.P.Chase

Hello sweet America,
Where did our dream dissappear
Look at little Erica
All she learns today is the fear

You deny the truth
You're just having fun
Till your child will shoot
Your gun...

Nobody hurt no one
Nobody hurt no one
Nobody hurt no one
Nobody hurt no one

She didn't wanna go to scholl,
Didn't wanna face all this pain?
Mommy, can I stay at home?
I am scared, the boys are insane

Don't you dare to say
Her reaction's dumb
'Cause she had no place
To run

Nobody hurt no one
Nobody hurt no one
Nobody hurt no one
Nobody hurt no one

So please don't hurt anyone

You deny the truth
You're just having
Till your child will shoot
Your gun...

Don't ya dare to say
Her reaction's dump
'Cause she had no place
To run

Nobody hurt no one
Nobody hurt no one
Nobody hurt no one
Nobody hurt no one

So please don't hurt anyone
So please don't hurt anyone


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Different versions of this song. The Discography. Downloads
1). Nobody Hurt No One  (demoversion = 1st version) 3:24 (demosingle for C1R)
      This is 1st official studio version of the song. It was sent as a demo for National Selection
      Download MP3 "Nobody Hurt No One" (demo) here: 3.1 Mb
      "Nobody hurt no one" was recorded in spring 2004 right after Victor Drobysh became her producer.
      The voice in demo sounds different to original Natalia songs, but here is a proof, that the singer is
      Podolskaya herself - demo was played during Award Ceremony of Russian Nat. Final
      Download video "Podolskaya - winner of Russian Final" here: AVI Video (2.8 Mb)

2). Nobody Hurt No One  (new version) 3:19 (promosingle)
      This version was recorded in Finland on the Finvox studio in March
      Download MP3 "Nobody Hurt No One" (new version) here: 3.1 Mb

3). Nobody Hurt No One  (Eurovision edit) 3:02 (?)
      3 mins version, the same as new version, but without guitar solo in the middle of the song
      Download MP3 "Nobody Hurt No One" (Eurovision edit) here: 2.8 Mb

4). Nobody Hurt No One  (Daleo Remix) 3:05 (promosingle)
      Download MP3 "Nobody Hurt No One" (Daleo Remix) here: 2.8 Mb

5). Nobody Hurt No One  (Krazy legs ruff mix) 2:54 (promosingle)
      Download MP3 "Nobody Hurt No One" (krazy legs ruff mix) here: 2.7 Mb

6). Nobody Hurt No One  (live semifinal for Urals & Siberia) 3:00 (C1R Broadcasting)
      Download MP3 "Nobody Hurt No One" (live semifinal for Urals & Siberia SF) here: 2,8 Mb

7). Nobody Hurt No One  (live semifinal for European part of Russia) 3:03 (C1R Broadcasting)
      Download MP3 "Nobody Hurt No One" (live semifinal for European part of Russia) here: 2,8 Mb

8). Nobody Hurt No One  (live final for European part of Russia) 3:03 (C1R Broadcasting)
      Download MP3 "Nobody Hurt No One" (live national final for European part of Russia) here: 2,8 Mb

9). Nobody Hurt No One  (live Eurovision 2005) 3:02 (C1R Broadcasting)
      Download MP3 "Nobody Hurt No One" (live Eurovision 2005) here: 2.7 Mb

10). Nobody Hurt No One (live Polniy Contact MTV) 3:23 (MTV Russia broadcasting)
      On 28th of May 2005 in "Polniy Contact" live show Podolskaya struggled with Julia Savicheva.
      Savicheva won this small contest (download live mp3 & video "Believe Me"
      in "Russia in Eurovision 2004", Podolskaya's video on this page below)
      Download MP3 "Nobody Hurt No One" (live Polniy Contact MTV) here: 3.1 Mb


Videoclip Natalia Podolskaya Eurovision. Click to enlarge the image
1). Nobody Hurt No One (videoclip, version 1) 3:20 (?)
      New videoclip, which was shot in Finland.
      You may download video "Nobody Hurt No One" here: AVI (5.0 Mb)

Videoclip Natalia Podolskaya Eurovision. Click to enlarge the image
2). Nobody Hurt No One (videoclip, version 2) 3:05 (?)
      The only small difference - small girl takes an aim at Natalia at the end
      You may download video "Nobody Hurt No One" here: AVI (5.0 Mb)

3). Nobody Hurt No One (video from semifinal for European part of Russia) 3:20 (C1R Broadcasting)
      You may download video "Nobody Hurt No One" here: AVI (5.0 Mb)

4). Nobody Hurt No One (video from final for European part of Russia) 3:06 (C1R Broadcasting)
      You may download video "Nobody Hurt No One" here: AVI (5.0 Mb)

5). Nobody Hurt No One (video from Eurovision 2005) 3:01 (C1R Broadcasting)
      You may download video "Nobody Hurt No One" here: AVI (4.9 Mb)

6). Nobody Hurt No One (live video "Polniy Contact" MTV) 3:22 (MTV Russia Broadcasting)
      Download video "Nobody Hurt No One" here: AVI (4.9 Mb)

Single Nobody Hurt Noone. Click to enlarge the image    Promosingle "Nobody Hurt No One" for Eurovision
       1. Nobody Hurt No One
       2. Nobody Hurt No One (Radio edit)
       3. Nobody Hurt No One (Daleo Remix) 3:05
       4. Nobody Hurt No One (Krazy Legs Ruff Mix)
      5. + bonus: Pozdno 3:32

   Single "Nobody Hurt No One" (commercial release)
      Release date: late May. The content is the same as on promosingle (eurovision version, radio edit, daleo remix, krazy legs ruff remix + bonus: pozdno).
But still it has some differences: it is in plastic jewelcase (promo has card sleeve),
front sleeve has all russian letters (the same as english information on promo).
But the cd itself is the same as promo: all in english and note "Not For Sale" (!).
      This strange release has double information about record companies
      Cat. number (on sleeve) - Monolit Records MT 10879-061-1
      Cat. number (on cd itself) - Sony / ATM Music Publishing NP 001-2

Official Eurovision 2004 compilation. Click to enlarge the image
   The official Eurovision 2005 CD
       Release date: April 28.
       Company: CMC
       Catalogue number: C 00136-2.
       It features "Nobody Hurt No One" as 15th track on 2nd CD.

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Hit Parade Unistar (top 30). Hit-parade on belarus radio "Unistar 99.5 FM". There are 30 entries and it's based only on listeners votes through phone or internet.

Russian charts info
chart's title↓
Hit Parade Unistar
(top 30)
10 1 1 4 6 6 4 6 9 19 ? ? ? ? ? out

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