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Philip Kirkorov
"Kolybelnaya dlya vulkana"
Logo of Eurovision 1995 In 1995 ORT held the Closed Selection, which has revealed the winner-song. It was decided, that in Dublin on the 13rd of May Russia will represented by Philip Kirkorov with a song "Kolibelnaya dlya vulkana"("Lullaby for volcano"). Russia got 17 points and took 17th place among 23 participants. Norway (10 points), Croatia (6 points) and Cyprus (1 points) voted for this song. And here are the results of The Russian Jury: UK 1 vote, Hungary 2 pts, Iceland 3, Cyprus
4, Ireland 5, Sweden 6, Slovenia 7, Israel 8, Denmark 10, Norway 12 votes.
      Kirkorov is said to be in one dress on rehearsal in costumes, but at the final of the contest he weared another one. Therefore colour TV-image has turned out poor-quality.
Philip Kirkorov's
official site:

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The biography
Young Philip with his mum and dad       Philipp Kirkorov was born on the 30th of April 1967 in the artistic family. The father is famous Bulgarian singer Bedros Kirkorov, the mother Victoria - Russian by nationality, from the family of the circus artists.The family of Philipp lived in Bulgaria then. There in Varna in 1975 Alla Pugacheva sang in the contest "Zolotoj arphej" song titled "Arlecino" and woke up as an absolute super star. Seven-years old Philipp saw her triumph, felt in love in that singer and decided his future profession. At the age of 7 Kirkorov with his parents moved to Moscow and took part in his father's concerts.
      He studies at musical school , specialities are the piano and the guitar. He finished high school with a gold medal. He couldn't enter the Theatre Institute (GITIS), he was said that there are many unemployed artist who are more talented then hi is, , that is " in view of absence of all talents ".
Philip Kirkorov. Click to enlarge the photo       In 1984 Kirkorov entered Musical College by Gnesins. Creative activity began already from the 2nd form,that is from 1985. First TV recording of Philip was in Noveber 85 in program "Shire krug" ("Wider circle"),Kirkorov sang song in Bulgarian language. In 87 he received an invitation from the Leningrad Music Hall directed by Ilya Rakhlin and went on a concert tour in Germany where he appeared in a popular show at the "Friedrichstadtpalast" Theatre in Berlin as a main singer. But Kirkorov realized soon that such work in the same city and concert hall and singing only two couples of songs is not for him, and he left Music Hall. Later Philip met wonderful poet Ilya Reznik,who was one of the first to help young singer.
Philip on his tour in Mongolia       In April 1988 Kirkorov took part in Anniversary evening in honour of Ilya Reznik called "Vernisazsh" with a song titled "Sindbad-Morehod". At the beginning of summer he graduated Musical College and took part in the song contest of the countries of socialist commonwealth "Yalta - 88". Later Philipp filmed his first video clip "Karmen" and left for Mongoloa to give charitable concerts in military parts.
      In October 1998 Philipp Kirkorov received the invitation from Alla Pugacheva to take part in the first "Rozshdestvenskie vstrechi" ("Christmas meetings"). By preparation of repertoir for a concert there was a meeting with the poet, who subsequently has written for Kirkorov the best songs: "Ti,ti,ti" (" You, you, you "), "Nebo i zemlia" (" The Sky and the ground "), "Atlantida", "Dniom i nochju" ("In the Afternoon and night"). The name of this poet was Leonid Derbeniov. Since the 1st of December 1998 Kirkorov has started to work in "The Pugacheva's theatre of the song" by her invitation. Philipp goes on tours abroad with this theather.
Philip Kirkorov and Alla Pugacheva. CLick to enlarge the photo       At the end of 1989 Kirkorov left "The Pugacheva's theatre of the song". In 1990 his active solo activity starts: first Gran-pri in his life - song "Nebo i zemlia" has brought an evidential victory on competition "Hit - 90", later Kirkorov made (published) his first solo album titled "Philipp". In March 1991 he held his first solo concert in "Teatr Estradi", and already in October five concert in the concert hall "Rossija" ("Russia"). Then Kirkorov gave 20 best selling concerts in cinema-theatre "Oktiabr'skij", and in a half a year he shoed absolutely new show "Atlantida", which was named as the best show of the year. Album "Ti, ti, ti" became a best selling album and was bought instantly. Also first performances abroad were held : in USA, Canada, germany, Israel, Australia. In June 1992 Kirkorov got his first premium at the festival "Zolotoj Arphej" in Bulgaria, and in 1993 - gold prize of the premium "Ovatsia" as "The best singer of the year". On the 13th of January 1994 the most beautiful pair in the Russian show business - Alla Pugacheva and Philipp Kirkorov - Announces about engagement in Moscow. On the 15th of the March the marriage is registered in St. Petersburg. And on the 15th of the May Jerusalem, the Temple and the God has connected their souls on wedding.
Philip Kirkorov. Click to enlarge the photo

Philip Kirkorov with Celine Dion, who won Eurovision 88. Click to enlarge the photo.
      In this happy for Philipp moment of life program "Ya ne Raphael" ("I'm not Raphael") is created. A song "Ya podnimayu svoj bocal" (" I'm raising the glass") at once becomes a hit in Russia. Only one tragical event has intruded into Kirkorov's life - on the 30th of April his mum, the dearest man all over the world has died.
      In 1995 this singer took part in international contest "Eurovision" in Ireland. But unfortunally his song "Kolibelnaya dlia vulkana" was only 17th. The failure was explained of the various political reasons, but later Pugacheva tried to explain the reason of failure so: " Only one week week for preparation, inexpressive (bad) song, bad organization ". But that people, who was at a concert hall in Dublin, assured , that public liked Kirkorov's song very much, therefore when its regrettable votes were announced, it became a unpleasant and not clear surprise for all our team. By the way, at the contest he was offered cooperation by seven foreign music companies at once. Also on a Kirkorov's press conference before competition, in which, naturally, took part Alla Pugacheva, she has told, that if Philipp doesn't win, then next time she by herself will arrive here as a contestant and show everybody the best piece of singing.
Kirkorov with Dana International, the winner of Eurovision 98. Click to enlarge the photo       In the summer 1995 Pugacheva, Kirkorov, Orbakaite (the dauther of Pugacheva) and Presniakov the junior ( husband of Orbakaite) goen on "family" music tour " Star summer ". In 1997 - 98 Kirkorov has carried out star international super-tour under the name "Luchshee, lubimoe i tol'ko dlia vas!" ("Best, favourite and only for you!"), he visited 100 cities of Russia, CIS and distant foreign countries. In June 1999 Kirkorov represented Russia in the charitable program " Michael Jackson and Friends. What more can I give " by the Michael Jackson's invitation. Nowdays Philipp continues to go on tour in many countries of the world and to act with concerts, which have extraordinary wide scope (skale).
Kirkorov's Awards
Philip Kirkorov. Click to enlarge the photo Philip Kirkorov. Click to enlarge the photo    Philip has received two "Monte-Carlo World Music Awards" as a Best Selling Russian Artist in 1996 and 1999.
   8 times he has been nominated for the Russian version of the Grammy "Ovation".
   His concert tour "The Best, Favorite and Only for You" became the "Best Tour of the Last Decade (1991-2001)".
   Dozens of times he has been honored as a "Singer of the Year" by all major Russian Award Ceremonies.He is also in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most sold out shows performed in a row - a 32 concert marathon at the same venue (4 000 seats).
   Philip is the first Russian Singer to be given a FAMA Award forthe Contribution to the Latin music and Culture.
Philip Kirkorov. Click to enlarge the photo    January 20, 2001 Philip Kirkorov was honored as "The Distinguished Artist of Russian Federation" - the first such honor given in the new millenium by the law signed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.
   February 23, 2001 he was nominated as the Ambassador of Goodwill.
   Philipp Kirkorov is a brilliant creative personality, that combines the talents of a singer, a dancer, a choreographer, a director and a producer.
Full version of Kirkorov's biography you may find on his official site:
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Lyrics + english translation
"Колыбельная вулкану"
Музыка: Илья Бершадский
Слова: Илья Резник

Спят долины тихим сном,
Спят рябины над прудом,
И дожди, и ветра
Притаились до утра.

Спит великий океан,
Только ты один, вулкан,
Огнегривый старик,
Не умолкнешь ни на миг.

Вслушайся доверчиво
В голос человеческий.
Обратись, пожалуйста,
К разуму и к радости.

Навсегда забудь, вулкан,
Чем грозил былым векам,
Ты тиранить мир устань,
И горой зеленой стань.

Ты навек забудь, вулкан,
Чем грозил былым векам,
Обратись, пожалуйста,
К разуму и к радости.

Спи, угрюмый великан,
Спи, недремлющий вулкан,
Отрекись от войны,
Мира дай и тишины.

Мира юным и седым,
Мира грешным и святым,
Мира жизни земной,
Мира небу над тобой.

Ты навек забудь, вулкан,
Чем грозил былым векам,
Обратись, пожалуйста,
К разуму и к радости.

Обратись, пожалуйста,
К разуму и к радости.
"Kolybelnaya dlya vulkana"
Music by Ilya Bershadskiy
Lyrics by Ilya Resnik

Spiat dalini tihim snom,
Spiat riabini nad prudom,
I dazhdi, i vitra
Pritailis' da jutra.

Spit vilikij akian,
Tol'ka ti adin, vulkan,
Agnigrivij starik,
Ni umolknish ni na mik.

Vslushaisia daverchiva,
V golas chilavecheskij,
Abratis', pazhalusta,
K razumu i k radasti

Navsigda zabut', vulkan,
Chem grazil bilim vikam,
Ti tiranit' mir ustan',
I garoi zilenoj stan'.

Ti navek zavut', vilkan,
Chem grazil vilim vikam,
Abratis', pazhalusta,
K razumu i k radasti

Spi, ugriumij vilikan,
Spi, nidremliuschij vulkan,
Atrikis' at vaini,
Mira daj i tishini.

Mira junim i sidim,
Mira greshnim i sviatim,
Mira szhisni zimnoj,
Mira nebu nad taboj..

Ti navek zabut', vulkan,
Chem grazil vilim vikam,
Abratis' pazhalusta,
K razumu i k radasti.

Abratis' pazhalusta,
K razumu i radasti.
"Lullaby for volcano" (English translation)
Translation by
Nikolai Galanoff

The valleys are in a deep sleep,
The rowan-trees sleeps above the pond,
And the rains and the winds
Lied hidden till the morning.

The great ocean sleeps too,
Only you, volcano,
Fire-hairy old man,
Is the one not to become silent for a moment.

Listen attentively
To the human voice.
Please, turn your thoughts and eyes
Upon the intelligence and the joy.

Volcano, forget for ever that
Which you threatened the past ages by,
Stop bulling the World,
And become a green mountain.

Volcano, forget for ever that,
Which you threatened the past ages by,
Please, turn your thoughts and eyes
Upon the intelligence and the joy.

Sleep, the gloomy giant,
Sleep, watchful volcano,
Renounce the War,
Give peace and silence.

Peace for young and for grey-haired,
Peace for the sinful ones and the Saints.
Peace for the earthly life,
Peace for the heavens above you.

Volcano, forget for ever that,
Which you threatened the past ages by,
Please, turn your thoughts and eyes
Upon the intelligence and the joy.

Please, turn your thoughts and eyes,
Upon the intelligence and the joy.
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Different versions of this song. The Discography.
KOLYBELNAYA DLYA VULKANA (Russian Version) 2:58 (on the album "Skazhi solntzu:"Da!")
KOLYBELNAYA DLYA VULKANA ('Live' at Eurovision) ? (mp3 only)
KOLYBELNAYA DLYA VULKANA (video clip) 2:58 (only on previews)
KOLYBELNAYA DLYA VULKANA ('Live' at Eurovision) 2:58 (from Eurovision 1995 broadcasting)

"Skazhi solntzu:"Da!". Click to enlarge the image 2CD album "Skazhi solntzu:"Da!"
Label: Polygram; cat. number: 528721-2

Disc 1:
1. Milaja (My dear) 2. Posmotri, kakoje leto (Look, what a nice summer!) 3. Dniom i noch'ju (In the day and in the night) 4. Ostrov (The Island) 5. Twist, privet (Hello, Twist) 6. Mne mama tiho govorila (Mum talked to me silently) 7. Zaika moja (My pussy cat) 8. Vinovat ya, vinovat (I am guilty, yes I am) 9. Dreamin' 10. Taina (The mystery) 11. Carnaval (Carnival) 12. V poslednij raz (In the last time) 13. Can No Laditi 14. Nas bilo shestero (There were 6 of us) 15. Spasibo vam, vragi moji (Thank you, my enemies) 16. Ya ne perviy tvoy podsnezhnik (I am not the 1st your snowdrop) 17. Obruchalnaja noch' (The wedding night) 18. Zabludshaya (She got lost) 19. Biud', chto biudet (Let the things go their way)

Disc 2:
1. Moya zhizn' (My life) 2. Slavianskiy Bazar (Slavic Bazaar) 3. Zagliani v moji glaza (Look into my eyes) 4. Dorogaja (Dear) 5. Ne rasstalis' mi (We haven't parted 6. Za trideviat' zemel' (Far away) 7. Net tebya prekrasnej (There is nobody who is beautiful than you) 8. Kordebalet (Corps de Ballet) 9. Plohaja primeta (Bad sign) 10. Davaj pomitimsia (Let's be reconciled) 11. 11. Ti mne skazhi (Tell me) 12. Beguschaya po volnam (Running on the waves) 13. Lisa 14. Kolybelnaya dlya vulkana (Lullaby for volcano) 15. Ne tvoja vina (It's not your fault) 16. Ya ne tvoj korol' (I am not your king) 17. Vse zhenschini - krasavitsi (All women 'r beauties) 18. Ya vibral etot put' (I've choosed this way)

Album released on 2CD or on 3 cassetes (MC's).
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