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Russia took part in Eurovision 7 times:

1994 - Youddiph's "Vechniy Strannik" got 70 points and had 9th place. [In details]>>
1995 - Philipp Kirkorov sang song named "Kolybelnaya dlya vulkana" ("Lullaby for Volcano") , got 17 points and had 17th place. [In details]>>
1996 - a song by Andrey Kosinsky "Ya - eto ya" ("Me, it's me" or "I am what I am") won the Russian National final, but this song was eliminated in the preselection in 1996 and so failed to be sung at the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. [In details]>>
1997 - a song by Alla Pugacheva titled "Primadonna" got 33 points and had 15 th place. [In details]>>
1998 - a song by Tatiana Ovsienko titled "Solnce mojo" (My sun) was chosen as a result of Russian closed selection which was held by ORT (russian television) , but this song failed to go to the final of the Eurovision Song contest because Russia couldn't take part in Eurovision in 1998 as average arithmetic points during last 5 years were lower than other countries had. [In details]>>
2000 - Alsou was first Russian participant who sang not in Russian language; her song named "Solo" got 155 points and 2nd place. [In details]>>
2001 - Group 'Mumiy Troll' sang a song titled "Lady Alpine Blue" in English (variant in russian language named "Obeschanie" ("Promise")) and got 37 points and 12th place. [In details]>>
2002 - Group "Premier-Ministr" sang "Nothern Girl" and got 55 pts and 10th place. [In details]>>
2003 - "Tatu" represented Russia with "Ne ver', ne boisia!" and got 3rd place. [In details]>>
2004 - Julia Savicheva sang a song "Believe Me" and placed 11th. [In details]>>
2005 - Natalia Podolskaya with "Nobody Hurt No One" represented Russia. [In details]>>

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